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Resolving TV Tuner Errors in Media Center (Windows 7)

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This document applies to HP and Compaq Desktop computers using Windows 7 Premium.
When trying to set up the TV signal in TV settings or play live TV, one of the following errors displays:
  • TUNER NOT FOUND. The TV signal cannot be configured because a TV tuner was not detected. If you have a tuner, ensure it is installed correctly...
    Figure 1: Error: TUNER NOT FOUND
     Error in Media Center: TUNER NOT FOUND
  • Viewing or listening conflict. No tuner available to satisfy the current request.
    Figure 2: Error: Viewing or Listening Conflict
    Error: Viewing or Listening Conflict
  • TUNER UNAVAILABLE. The TV signal cannot be configured because the tuner is not available. Restart the computer and try again.
    Figure 3: Error: Tuner unavailable
    Error: Tuner unavailable
Before you can watch TV in Windows Media Center:
  • the computer must have TV tuner hardware installed
  • the TV tuner hardware must be compatible with Windows 7 Home Premium or Ultimate Editions
  • the drivers for the TV tuner must be installed
If your computer does not have compatible TV tuner hardware installed, these error messages are normal. You must buy and install compatible tuner hardware before you can view TV in Media Center.
If your computer has TV tuner hardware installed, use the following steps to troubleshoot the error messages so Media Center can use the tuner driver. After each step, open Media Center and try to view or set up live TV. Continue using the steps until the error no longer displays and you can view television:
  1. If you are using a cable card and the computer is resuming from a sleep or standby mode, wait at least 20 seconds before starting any software that uses the tuner, including Windows Media Center.
  2. Restart the computer to resync the driver to Media Center:
    1. Click Start .
    2. Click the arrow on the toolbar, and then click Restart.
    3. Wait for Windows and all startup items to load before opening Windows Media Center.
  3. If you added a new tuner card, make sure the tuner card is compatible with Windows 7 Premium or Ultimate. Look for Certified for Windows 7 on the product packaging or go to the following Web site to check for compatibility:
    Microsoft Support: Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility List (in English)
  4. Change the Windows Media Center Receiver Service from a specific account name to a Local System account:
    1. Click Start , and type Administrative tools in the Search box.
      Click Administrative tools in the search results.
    2. Double-click Services.
      Figure 4: Services in Administrative Tools
      Services in Administrative Tools
    3. Scroll down the Services list and find Windows Media Center Receiver Service. You might have to widen the Name column by clicking and dragging the right side of column title.
    4. Right-click Windows Media Center Receiver Service, and then click Properties.
      Figure 5: Windows Media Center Receiver Service: Properties
      Windows Media Center Receiver Service: Properties
    5. Click the Log On tab, and then select Local System account.
      Figure 6: Logging on as Local System Account
      Local System Account selection
    6. Click Apply, and then click OK on the Services message.
      Figure 7: Services warning
      Services warning
    7. Restart the computer.
    8. Click OK again, and restart the computer.
  5. Reinstall the tuner drivers:
    • If you added a TV tuner card separately, install the drivers that came with the tuner hardware.
    • If your computer came with Windows 7 Premium and a tuner, reinstall the tuner drivers. Click Start , All Programs, Recovery Manager, and then click Recovery Manager again.
      If prompted, click Yes to continue.
      From the Recovery Manager screen, click Hardware driver reinstallation and follow the on-screen instructions to restore the tuner driver.
  6. Install any tuner driver updates from the tuner manufacturer:
    • If you added a TV tuner card separately, go to the manufacturer's Web site and install any driver updates for the tuner.
    • If your computer came with Windows Vista Premium and a tuner, go to the HP Software download page . If you are presented with a page requesting your model number, type your model number in the box and select the version of Windows the computer is using. Click the Driver - TV Tuner link and the select the TV Tuner update. Follow the instructions on the download page to download and install any available updates that correspond to tuners.
  7. Use System Restore to revert the system back to a time when the error did not open. If you are not familiar with using Microsoft System Restore, see the HP support document, Using Microsoft System Restore in Windows 7 .
    NOTE:If you can view television after using System Restore, but the error message opens again later, an automatic update is being applied to the computer and is causing this problem. When this happens, either prevent the automatic update from downloading or reinstall the tuner after the automatic update has been applied.
  8. If your computer has a PCI TV tuner card, remove the card and reseat it into the PCI slot. For help, see Installing a TV Tuner .
  9. If the error continues, back up all important files and perform an HP System Recovery .
  10. If the error persists after performing a recovery, the TV tuner hardware might be bad. Use Hardware Diagnostic Tools to Test for Hardware Problems and service the computer.

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