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Applying the Windows 7 Upgrade Certificate of Authenticity Label to Your Computer

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Your Microsoft Windows 7 Upgrade kit from HP comes with a Certificate of Authenticity label. This label provides important proof of purchase and product validation information. It needs to be with the computer that is upgraded to Windows 7. Remove the Certificate of Authenticity label from the upgrade packaging and apply it to your computer.
When removing the Certificate of Authenticity label from the packaging, gently pull down and away from the top middle of the label. Do not peel from the corners as doing so might tear the label.
Figure 1: Certificate of Authenticity label for Windows 7 showing the tab
 Tab to remove COA label
Figure 2: Removing Certificate of Authenticity label
 Fingers grasping and pulling label from the center
Remove the label from the packaging and apply it to the computer's case.
Apply the label to an area on the case that is easily accessible. Do not apply the label over existing labels.

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