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Blue Screen Error When Switching Users or Logging Off (Windows 7 and Vista)

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The following error opens when switching users or logging off:
System service exception stop 0x0000003b
This error can occur when a remote control session with HP support has not closed completely.
To prevent these errors from occurring, remove the device "HP RC Mirror Driver" as follows:
  1. Click Start , and type Device Manager into the Start Search box.
  2. Open Device Manager.
  3. If a User Account Control window opens, click Yes.
  4. Double-click Display adapters.
  5. Right-click HP RC Mirror Driver and select Uninstall, and select Delete the driver software for this device (if present).
  6. Uninstall all instances of HP RC Mirror Driver if more than one is listed.
  7. Close Device Manager and restart the computer.

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