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Adding or Replacing Memory in HP TouchSmart 300-1000 Series Desktop PCs

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This document applies to HP TouchSmart 300 series desktop computers.
Case for TouchSmart 300 computers

Video overview

View the following video before using the steps in this article.
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Buying memory

A TouchSmart 300 Series computer can be upgraded to a maximum of 8 GB of memory. Consult the motherboard specifications for specific memory upgrade information. Memory upgrades might not be needed since many TouchSmart computers already have the maximum amount of memory installed.
Make sure that you buy the correct type of memory for your TouchSmart computer. Since SO-DIMMs (Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Modules) are smaller and thinner than most other DIMMs, they require less space inside the case.
Your TouchSmart computer supports memory with the following specifications:
  • Dual channel memory architecture
  • Two DDR2 SO-DIMM (200-pin) sockets
  • Supported SO-DIMM types:
    • PC3-10600 (DDR3-1333 MHz) with the Propus core processors
    • PC3-8500 (DDR3-1066 MHz) with the Regor core processors
  • Non-ECC memory only, unbuffered
  • Each slot supports 2GB or 4GB DDR2 SO-DIMMs
  • Supports installation of up to 4GB RAM on 32-bit systems or 8GB RAM on 64-bit systems
    Approximately 3.2 GB is addressable on 32-bit operating systems
NOTE:Do not remove the memory from its protective packaging until you are ready to install it.

Removing the left rear access cover

To access system memory, remove the left rear access cover on the back of the computer.
Step 1

Turn off the computer, disconnect all cables, and transfer the computer to a clear, flat, stable work surface over a non-carpeted floor. Place the computer with the screen face down on a soft surface.
Placing the computer on a soft surface
Step 2

To remove the left rear access panel, flip up the access cover on the stand.
Lifting the access cover on the stand
Step 3

Remove the screw for the left rear access panel.
Removing the screw for the left access cover
Step 4

Slide the panel out and pull it off the computer.
Removing the panel

Removing a memory module

Use the following steps to remove a memory module:
Step 1

After removing the left rear access cover, find the memory modules.
Memory module location
Step 2

Each module is held in place by two retaining clips, one on each side.
Retaining clips
Pull out on two of the retaining clips to release a memory module.Pulling out the retaining clips
The memory module pops up to a 30º-45º degree angle.Memory card at a 45º degree angle
Step 3

Touching only the sides of the module, lift the memory module out of the socket.

NOTE:If the module is to be reused, place the memory module in a static dissipative bag to avoid damage.
Removing the memory card

Adding or replacing a memory module

To install an SO-DIMM memory module, follow these steps:
Step 1

Find the registration notch on the bottom edge of the SO-DIMM module.
Notch on the bottom of the memory card
Step 2

Align the notch on the bottom edge of the SO-DIMM memory module with the key in the memory module socket.

NOTE:Each SO-DIMM memory module type has a different notch position. Incompatible modules cannot be installed in the memory module socket.
Notch used to align the memory card
Step 3

Position the memory module at a 30º to 45º angle, and then match the notch on the module with the key on the socket.
Matching the notch on the memory card with the key in the socket
Step 4

Carefully push the module into the socket until it is firmly inserted in the socket.
Pushing the memory card into the socket
Step 5

Press down firmly on the memory module until the retaining clips in the socket snap back and secure the memory module in place.
Securing the memory card into place

Replacing the left rear access cover

Use the following steps to replace the left rear access cover:
Step 1

Find the two small plastic tabs on the left rear access panel.
Finding the two tabs
Step 2

Find the two slots on the back of the computer.
Finding the two slots
Step 3

Align the tabs on the panel with the slots on the back of the computer.

Replacing the panel
Step 4

Slide the panel into place.
Sliding the panel into place
Step 5

Replace the screw.
Replacing the screw for the left access cover

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