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cimprovagt SFMProviderModule Memory Utilization Continually Growing

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Operating Environment:
OS - HP-UX B.11.23 (11i v2)
SFM - B.07.00.02
Problem Description:
On several 11.23 servers cimprovagt SFMProviderModule memory utilization continually grows upwards of 500Mb.
How can this problem be addressed?


As a temporary workaround stopping and restaring this process using cimprovider -d -m SFMProviderModule and then cimprovider -e-m SFMProviderModule would lower the memory used temporariliy.
The A.07.02.02.XX revision of SysFaultMgmt (SFM) software or later i.e. Dec 09 SFM release B.07.02.02.yy fixes the memory utilization issue.