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Performing an HP System Recovery from a USB Flash Drive (Windows Vista)

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This document pertains to HP Notebook PCs that came with Windows Vista and have the USB flash drive recovery option.
This document does not cover the entire process of recovering a notebook PC to its originally configuration. This document covers only the portion of the recovery process that involves using a USB flash drive.
To review the process of recovering a notebook originally configured with the Windows Vista operating system, see Recover Windows Vista Operating System Using HP Recovery
This document covers only one portion of the process of recovering a notebook PC to its originally configuration. As covered in the Windows Vista recovery documents, you should have done the following:
  1. Previously created a recovery disk on a USB flash drive with at least 8 GB of available space.
  2. Attempted to do a Windows System Restore to return the computer settings to an earlier point in time when the computer was operating properly.
  3. Attempted to run the run a Maintain analysis using the HP Support Assistant to automatically detect and repair many hardware driver and software issues.
  4. Backed up as many of the important and personal files as possible, because the recovery process will destroy all the files on the hard drive.
  5. Attempted to run a system recovery from Windows using the HP Recovery Manager. This option is not available if the computer cannot boot into Windows.
  6. Attempted to run a system recovery from the recovery partition on the hard drive by turning on the power and immediately pressing the f11 key.
To recover the original Windows Vista operating system, disconnect all of the peripherals and devices from the computer and do the following.
The recovery process may take two hours or more to complete and must not be interrupted. At times, during the first phase while the required files are being copied unto the hard drive, and during the second phase while the programs are being configured, the computer may appear to stop working. Allow the process to continue without interruption.
  1. Insert the USB recovery drive in a USB 2.0 connection. You will boot from this drive.
  2. Connect the AC power adapter and press the power button to start the computer.
  3. Press the F9 key to temporarily change the boot order and boot from the USB flash disk.
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    When prompted by the Recovery Manager, select a language for the recovery.
  5. Review the information presented on-screen and follow the prompts to move through the process.
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    When reminded that the recovery will delete all the files on the hard drive, you must click Next to acknowledge that you want to continue.
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    When prompted, click Next to acknowledge the recovery progress messages and continue the recovery process.
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    At some point you will be prompted to Insert disc 2. Ignore this message, and click Cancel to continue.
    The recovery program was originally designed for use with two or more CDs with limited file storage capacity. The prompt was not removed when the USB flash drive option was added.
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    At some point you will be asked if you have a Supplemental Disc with additional programs to be installed. Ignore this message, and click Cancel to continue.
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    When all the files have been copied onto the newly formatted hard drive, a display indicates that the Recovery preparation is complete.The recovery process is not complete! Do not attempt to use the computer, do not shutdown the computer, do not disconnect the power, and do not interrupt the recovery process.
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    Click Continue and allow the computer to restart and then setup and configure all the original drivers and software.
When the recovery process is complete, remove the USB flash drive and store it in a safe location away from the computer. Reconnect all the peripherals, one at a time, and do the following actions:
  • Run the Windows Update and the HP Support Assistant to install all updated drivers and applications.
  • Reinstall and update software that did not come with the computer.
  • Restore any personal data that you backed up before the recovery.

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