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'Incompatible Older Generation Cartridge Installed' Message

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After you install a new cartridge, a message displays on the product control panel or on the computer screen, and the product will not print. The error message reads Incompatible older generation cartridge installed.
A message on the computer might provide more information: The cartridge listed above is an older generation cartridge that does not work in your printer, which uses the latest version of the cartridge. Click Help for more information. To order a genuine HP replacement cartridge, click Shop Online.


The cartridge must be replaced. If you believe the cartridge is a genuine HP product, click Contact HP () on this page for more support options.
NOTE:HP cannot extend warranty to non-HP, refilled, or remanufactured cartridges.
This message appears because HP has updated ink cartridges with these numbers: 564, 364, 178, and 862. The updated ink cartridges are compatible with both current and future products that use cartridges with these numbers. These ink cartridges have been designed in conjunction with future products to deliver new features.
The cartridges originally introduced and available prior to September 2010 will not be compatible with certain printers and all-in-one devices released in 2011. For more information, see Updated HP 178, 364, 564, and 862 Ink Cartridges . This document also has information on how to identify an older generation cartridge.
For more information on HP's ink warranty, see Limited Warranty for HP Ink Cartridges, Printheads, and Related Supplies .

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