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Setting up HP Setup Manager

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HP Setup Manager helps you setup and explore some of the features included on your computer. It guides you step-by-step and provides direct links to important HP and Windows applications.
To launch HP Setup Manager, click Start, enter setup in the search field, and select HP Setup Manager from the list.
To connect a printer to your PC, perform the following:
  1. Click Setup your printer to access the Add a printer window.
  2. Click Launch the Windows printer utility to locate the local, network, wireless, or Bluetooth printer you wish to install.
  3. You can also access the HP Website to buy a printer, buy supplies, and to learn how to recycle your cartridges.
If you have important business or personal files on an old PC, you will want to transfer them to you new PC.
  1. Click Transfer Your Files.
  2. Click Get started transferring your files now to open the Windows Easy Transfer utility
  3. Follow the instructions provided to safely transfer files from one PC to another. You can transfer files:
    • Using the Windows Easy Transfer cable.
    • Over a network connection.
    • By using an external hard disk or USB flash drive.
By registering your new computer, HP can send updates, activate warranty, and assist you in setting it up.
  1. Click Register your computer and the following screen appears.
  2. Enter the your name, email information, and click Next.
  3. Enter the additional contact information and click Finish.
HP Setup Manager can also assist you in setting up your backup by launching the Windows backup utility.
  1. Click Launch Windows Backup.
  2. You now have accessed the Windows Backup utility that allows you to:
    • Setup your backup requirements.
    • Create a system image disk.
    • Create a system repair disk.
HP Setup Manager also assists in getting connected to the internet.
  1. Click Get connected.
    • Click Set up a connection.
    • Once connected you will be informed that your are connected as shown below.
You can shop the HP accessory store for items for your new computer.
  1. Click Shop for accessories.
  2. Click Shop for accessories from HP to link to the accessories page or click on a link to a specific item.
Getting support will connect you to HP Support Assistant. HP Support Assistant wants you to have a positive experience with you computer. It provides tools to identify and correct known issues before problems can arise.
  1. Click Get Support to launch the HP Support Assistant.
  2. Select any of the four main functions of HP Support Assistant for additional information.
    • Maintain - Helps maintain you computer in top working order by analyzing the health of the computer, getting updates, providing usage tips, and running PC Tune-up.
    • Troubleshoot - Provides troubleshooting information, diagnostics, utilities, and repair solutions.
    • Learn - Provides a link to the User Guide, learning centers, product information, and online classes.
    • Get assistance - Provides guided help, access to HP Remote Assistance, and provides multiple contact options for additional support.
Get software provides a link to HP Download Store where you can add additional software functionality to your computer.
  1. Click Get Software for a direct link access the HP Download store.
You can configure the settings to allow Setup Manger to automatically update the content and offers over the internet.
  1. Click Settings to learn about offers, and join the HP Product Improvement program.
  2. Click Yes or No, according to your preference.

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