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Connecting to a Network with Connection Manager 4.x

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HP Connection Manager provides a central location for managing your wireless devices. HP Connection Manager allows you to manage the following:
  • Wireless wide area network (WWAN)/mobile broadband
  • Wireless local area network (WLAN)/WiFi
  • Wired local area network (WAN)
  • Bluetooth connections
To launch HP Connection Manager, use the following steps:
  1. Click Start, type Connection Manager, and select HP Connection Manager from the results list.
  2. If you are not connected to the Internet, the following window appears.
    Figure 1: No Internet connection screen
    No Internet connection screen
To connect to a mobile broadband (WWAN) connection, perform the following steps:
  1. Click Connect.
    Figure 2: Clicking Connect
    Clicking Connect
  2. The Connection Manager displays showing that you are connected to a network such as AT&T.
    Figure 3: Successful connection screen
    Successful connection screen
  3. When connected, you can send SMS messages by clicking SMS.
    NOTE:The message center provides an inbox, outbox, and a sent box for all your messages.
    Figure 4: SMS Message Center
    SMS Message Center
  4. Type in the Phone Number you want to call.
    Figure 5: Typing the phone number
    Typing the phone number
  5. Type your message and click Send.
    Figure 6: Sending your message
    Sending your message
  6. Click the Network icon on the task bar to view the Internet connections and the signal strength.
    Figure 7: Viewing the Internet connections and strength
    Viewing the Internet connections and strength
  7. Click Mobile Broadband to display the status of your broadband connection.
    Figure 8: Displaying the status of your broadband connection
    Displaying the status of your broadband connection
To connect wirelessly, press the Wireless button on the computer. It turns blue and the Connection Manager displays changes.
Figure 9: Connecting to a wireless network
Connecting to a wireless network
To connect through a wired connection, connect the Ethernet cable and the Connection Manager display changes as follows:
Figure 10: Connecting to a wired network
Connecting to a wired network
If a Bluetooth device is within range, Connection Manager will automatically connect.
Figure 11: Connecting to a Bluetooth device
Connecting to a Bluetooth device
You are now connected to the Internet.
Click Preferences to customize the application. The following settings are available:
  • General - Allows you to determine when the application launches.
    Figure 12: Preferences - General screen
    Preferences - General screen
  • Notifications - Allows you to select the notifications to be displayed.
    Figure 13: Preferences - Notifications screen
    Preferences - Notifications screen
  • Device Power - Allows you to select what devices to power on when launching.
    Figure 14: Preferences - Device Power screen
    Preferences - Device Power screen
  • VPN - Allows you to automatically launch VPN.
    Figure 15: Preferences - VPN screen
    Preferences - VPN screen
  • Mobile Broadband -Allows you to customize your WWAN settings.
    Figure 16: Mobile Broadband screen
    Mobile Broadband screen
Connection Manager has encountered an issue during the start-up process. This SQL error can also occur when trying to open Connection Manager. It has been determined that this occurs when certain programs (such as any year of Turbo Tax) is also installed on the notebook. If you encounter this error, perform the following.
Figure 17: SQL error during start up
SQL error during start up
This issue can be resolved by either of the following methods:
  • Go to www.HP.com , Support and Drivers to download and install the latest drivers.
  • You can also use the Control Panel to uninstall HP Connection Manager. Be sure you reinstall the program.
Click Help for additional assistance. The following options are available:
  • Help and Support - Launches HP Connection Manager help and allows you to choose whether to share your experiences with HP.
    Figure 18: Help and Support screen
    Help and Support screen
  • Diagnostics - Allows you to perform diagnostic tests.
    Figure 19: Diagnostics screen
    Diagnostics screen
When HP Connection Manager has been set up, it can be configured to launch when the computer is started. This will automatically connect to the Internet when one is available without having to restart the program.

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