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Exchange Server 2010 Still in Evaluation Mode After Installing Exchange Server 2011 in Windows SBS 2011

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When the user opens the Exchange Management Console for Exchange 2010 on an Windows SBS2011 system, which one recently installed, the user get a warning that the Exchange Server 2010 is currently unlicensed.
However the user is unable to active Exchange Server as this will be done usually by the SBS setup process and there is no Exchange product key delivered with SBS 2011.


Reviewing the ExchangeSetup.log and it was found the task Mailbox role install failed to complete successfully and therefore Exchange Server has not been activated by SBS setup.
[...][08.12.2011 13:33:08.0920] [2] Beginning processing Add-MailboxPermission -DomainController:'SBS2011SVR.company.com' -WarningAction:'SilentlyContinue' -Identity:'company.com/Users/DiscoverySearchMailbox {D919BA05-46A6-415f-80AD-7E09334BB852}' -User:'company.com/Microsoft Exchange Security Groups/Discovery Management' -AccessRights:'FullAccess'[08.12.2011 13:33:08.0942] [2] Searching objects "company.com/Users/DiscoverySearchMailbox {D919BA05-46A6-415f-80AD-7E09334BB852}" of type "ADUser" under the root "company.com/Users".[08.12.2011 13:33:08.0947] [2] Previous operation run on global catalog server 'SBS2011SVR.company.com'.[08.12.2011 13:33:08.0948] [2] Processing object "company.com/Users/DiscoverySearchMailbox {D919BA05-46A6-415f-80AD-7E09334BB852}".[08.12.2011 13:33:08.0954] [2] Checking if the specified user or group "company.com/Microsoft Exchange Security Groups/Discovery Management" is a Security Identifier.[08.12.2011 13:33:08.0954] [2] Checking if the specified user or group "company.com/Microsoft Exchange Security Groups/Discovery Management" is a SAM account or a foreign forest account.[08.12.2011 13:33:11.0230] [2] [ERROR] Unexpected Error[08.12.2011 13:33:11.0230] [2] [ERROR] Couldn't resolve the user or group "company.com/Microsoft Exchange Security Groups/Discovery Management." If the user or group is a foreign forest principal, one must have either a two-way trust or an outgoing trust.[08.12.2011 13:33:11.0254] [2] [ERROR] The trust relationship between the primary domain and the trusted domain failed.[08.12.2011 13:33:11.0255] [2] Ending processing Add-MailboxPermission[...]
Checking in AD Domains and Trusts MMC and there was a two-way external trust configured for which the remote domain DC does not exist anymore. Hence not of much use.
  1. Delete the non-functioning trust in AD Domains and Trusts MMC.
  2. Start Exchange Setup to complete the Mailbox Server Role install:
    1. Click Start > click Control Panel > click Programs > and then click Programs and Features.
    2. Click Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 > and then click Change.
    3. On the User Account Control page, click Continue.
    4. In the Exchange Maintenance Mode dialog box, click Next.
    5. In Server Role Selection make sure the Mailbox Role check box is selected, click Next.
      NOTE:Exchange Setup will complete the missing tasks for the Mailbox role install and PostSetup.
    6. When the installation completes, click Finish.
  3. Verify in ExchangeSetup.log that setup has finished without errors.
  4. Download and run the "Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Activation Tool for Windows SBS 2011 Standard" using KB2527626 which should complete successfully.
  5. Open Exchange Management Console and confirm in Exchange Server 2010 properties the Product ID is showing a key xxxxx-xxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxx, and no longer "Unlicensed".
Exchange Server 2010 incorrectly changes to evaluation mode after the user reinstall or repair Exchange Server 2010 in Windows SBS 2011 Standard.
Click here to access the technical article at: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2527626/en-us.
NOTE: The above-mentioned URL will take you to a non-HP Web site. HP does not control and is not responsible for information outside of the HP Web site.

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