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Detected a Write Error During the Cloning

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VMware Converter Standalone 5.0.
Source VM is Windows 2003 32 bit.
When converting physical to virtual machine, it fails.
Converter logs show these errors:
2011-09-22T09:29:21.774+05:30 [02884 info 'Default'] [,0] Partition:Invalid sector magic number.2011-09-22T09:29:21.774+05:30 [02884 info 'Default'] [,0] Disk number 1 has been skipped because of errors while reading partition table2011-09-22T09:29:21.789+05:30 [02884 info 'Default'] [,0] Partition:Invalid sector magic number.2011-09-22T09:29:21.789+05:30 [02884 info 'Default'] [,0] Disk number 1 has been skipped because of errors while reading dynamic disks header or LDM database is corrupted2011-09-22T09:29:21.789+05:30 [02884 info 'Default'] [,0] Partition:Invalid sector magic number.2011-09-22T09:29:21.789+05:30 [02884 warning 'Default'] [MoveActiveDiskIfNeeded] GetFirstBootDisk failed, mntapi error: 1762011-09-22T09:29:22.024+05:30 [02884 info 'Default'] [,0] Partition:Invalid sector magic number.2011-09-22T09:29:22.024+05:30 [02884 info 'Default'] [,0] Partition:Invalid sector magic number.2011-09-22T09:29:22.024+05:30 [02884 info 'Default'] Reusing existing VIM connection to <IP address>2011-09-22T09:29:22.039+05:30 [02884 warning 'Default'] [PopulateCapabilities] Volume-based cloning was disabled due to: <no volumes are recognized>2011-09-22T09:29:22.039+05:30 [02884 info 'Default'] [LogMessagesForQA] System volume is not detected.2011-09-22T09:31:17.133+05:30 [02872 error 'task-2'] [BaseDiskSetComputer::MountVolume] Mounting volume 1*1*1*1*0000010000000000 failed, mntapi error: 1442011-09-22T09:31:17.133+05:30 [02872 error 'task-2'] [BaseDiskSetComputer::AnalyzeErrorAndThrow] Error occurred when opening disk set, MNTAPI_ERROR = 144 MNTAPI errorType = 0, errorCode = 92011-09-22T09:31:17.133+05:30 [02664 info 'Default'] [,0] Vmount library: Error 2 while opening VSTOR2 driver's control device2011-09-22T09:31:17.414+05:30 [02872 error 'task-2'] TaskImpl has failed with std::Exception: Unknown exception
Wanted to examine boot.ini, but there is no boot.ini on the server.
Tried to recover this with Windows on-board utilities, but no success.
Finally booted system into Recovery Console and recreated it there with bootcfg /rebuild.
After reboot, tried conversion again.
It failed at 51%.
Error message:
FAILED: An error occurred during the conversion: 'BlockLevelVolumeMgr::CloneVolume:Detected a write error during the cloning of volume \\WindowsBitMapDriverVoumeId. Error: 37409 (type: 1, code:2338)' 
This refers to a problem with source disks.
Run chkdsk on all disks and repair any problems.
This solved the problem.
Conversion finally worked.


  1. Recreated boot.ini on source machine.
  2. Repaired failures on source disks with chkdsk.

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