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Storing and Handling Ink Cartridges

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For best results, use genuine HP cartridges and follow these guidelines:
  • Keep ink cartridges sealed in the original package until they are installed. Store at temperatures between -15 and 35 degrees Celsius (5 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • To keep cartridges from drying out, always turn the printer off using the Power button, and wait until the Power light goes out before you pull the plug or turn off a power strip. This allows the printer to move the cartridges to a capped position.
  • If you remove a cartridge from the printer for any reason, try to replace it again as soon as possible. Outside of the printer, if unprotected, cartridges begin to dry out. If the printer uses separate ink cartridges and printhead, the printhead can be damaged if cartridges are not installed.
  • If you must store a cartridge outside of the printer, follow the guidelines in “Storing Opened Cartridges and Printheads” .
  • When it is time to dispose of a cartridge, visit hp.com/recycle to learn about the HP Planet Partners Return and Recycling program and order free return shipping materials (not available in all countries).

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