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The HP Quick Start Application (Windows 8)

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This document applies to HP computers with Windows 8 manufactured in 2013.
HP Quick Start is a Windows 8 software application that provides a familiar way to open apps from the Windows desktop.
In Windows 8, the Start button and Start menu from previous versions of Windows have been replaced with the Start screen. As an alternative to using the new Windows 8 Start screen, HP Quick Start organizes your apps in a format that resembles the traditional Windows Start menu.
This document guides you through using the HP Quick Start app.

Using HP Quick Start

The HP Quick Start application can be opened from the tile on the Start screen, or from the Windows desktop icon or taskbar icon. To open Quick Start, click the tile or the taskbar icon, or double-click the Desktop icon.
Figure 1: HP Quick Start tile
Image of the HP Quick Start tile on the Windows 8 Start screen
The HP Quick Start window opens in the bottom left corner of the Windows desktop. You can click and drag the Quick Start taskbar icon to move it to the leftmost position for familiarity, if desired.
Figure 2: Moving the HP Quick Start taskbar icon
Image of the HP Quick Start taskbar icon being moved to the leftmost position
Choose one of the following sections to learn more about using HP Quick Start:
Frequently used software applications can be added to the right side of the Quick Start screen for easy access. Once added, the Favorites icons can be rearranged or removed according to your preferences. Favorites can also be pinned to the taskbar, or added to the Windows desktop.
Use the following steps to manage your Favorites in Quick Start:
  1. Scroll through the list on the left side of the window to find an app or folder you want to add to your Favorites.
    Tip: If there is an arrow and a folder icon to the left of a list item, click the arrow to open the folder and expand the group of apps. For example, click the arrow next to Communication and Chat to see the apps grouped within that folder.
  2. Click the desired app and drag it to Favorites, then release.
    Figure 3: Adding an application to Favorites
    Image of an application being added to the Favorites menu in the Quick Start window
    An icon for the selected app is added to the Favorites menu. The app will still be listed in the left side menu.
  3. To remove an icon from the Favorites menu, right-click the icon, and then click Remove from favorites.
    Figure 4: Remove from Favorites
    Image of HP Quick Start
  4. To rearrange the Favorites icons, click and drag an icon to a new position, then release the icon.
    Figure 5: Rearrange Favorites
    Image of a Favorites icon being rearranged
  5. Right-click a Favorites icon to display options for that app.
    Figure 6: Favorites options
    Image of the right-click menu for an application in Favorites
    Click one of the options:
    • Select Pin to Taskbar to pin the icon to your Windows desktop taskbar. This option is not available if the app is already pinned to the taskbar. Selecting this option does not remove the icon from your Favorites menu.
    • Select Create Desktop shortcut to add the icon to your Windows desktop. This option is not available if there is already a shortcut for the app on the desktop. Selecting this option does not remove the icon from your Favorites menu.
    • Select Remove from Favorites to remove the icon from the HP Quick Start Favorites menu.
Create a Power button and add it to the favorites list for easy access to the Shutdown menu. Use the following steps to add a Power button to the favorites list of HP Quick Start:
  1. Follow the steps in the HP Support document Add a Power Button in Windows 8 to create a Power icon on the desktop.
  2. To add the Power icon to the Windows 8 Start screen, right-click the Power icon, and click Pin to Start.
    Figure 7: Pinning the Power icon to Start
    Pinning the Power icon to Start
  3. Open HP Quick Start.
    The Shutdown button displays in the left side menu.
    Figure 8: Shutdown button
    Image of HP Quick Start
  4. Drag the Power button into the Favorites area, and then release.
    Figure 9: Dragging the Power button to favorites
    Image of HP Quick Start
    The Power button is now in the HP Quick Start favorites.
Apps can be opened from either the left or right side of the HP Quick Start window. Use any of the following methods to open an app using HP Quick Start:
  • From the left side menu: Click an app from the list to open the app.
  • From the Favorites menu: Click an icon from the Favorites menu to open the app.
  • Using Search: Enter a word or phrase in the Search Programs box to search for an app. Click the desired application from the list of results.

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