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Using the Camera on Your HP Tablet (Android 4.1/Jelly Bean)

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This document applies to HP Slate 7 tablets with Android 4.1/Jelly Bean operating system.
Your HP tablet comes equipped with two cameras: one located on the back of the tablet, and one on the front. The cameras are fixed-focus, and there is no flash light. This document provides information about taking photos, recording videos, and other ways to use the cameras on your HP tablet.

Taking photos

Use the steps in this section to take a photo using your tablet.
NOTE:If your lock screen setting is set to the default (slide to unlock), you can start the Camera app directly from the lock screen. Touch the screen lock icon, and slide your finger over to the camera icon on the left. The tablet unlocks and opens the Camera app.
  1. Touch the All apps icon, and then touch the Camera app.
  2. To take a photo with the rear camera, touch the blue circle.
  3. To take a photo with the front camera, touch the rotating camera icon, and then touch the blue circle.
Camera settings:
  • Zoom in or out : Touch and hold the white circle icon. Drag the icon toward + to zoom in, or toward - to zoom out.
  • Change the white balance : Touch the Settings icon, and then touch the white balance indicator (to the right of SCN). Select a white balance: Auto, Incandescent, Daylight, Florescent, or Cloudy.
  • Choose a scene mode : Touch the Settings icon, and then touch SCN . Touch Auto or Night .

Taking a panorama photo

The Camera app can be used to take a panorama photo, automatically stitching multiple images together while you pan the camera across a scene. Use the following steps to take a panorama photo with your tablet:
  1. Touch the All apps icon, and then touch the Camera app.
  2. Touch the panorama icon (located next to the video camera icon).
  3. Holding the tablet horizontally, frame the image on either the left or the right side of where you want the panorama photo to begin.
  4. Touch the green circle, and slowly move the tablet horizontally to the right or to the left, keeping the tablet level.
    A blue progress bar appears at the bottom of the screen, showing how much of the panorama has been recorded. The camera notifies you if you are moving too quickly.
    NOTE:For best results, hold the tablet with both hands, keep it as level as possible, and move the tablet very slowly.
  5. When the panorama is finished recording, wait a moment for the image to be processed and saved. Touch the thumbnail image that appears in the upper right corner of the screen to view the panorama.

Recording videos

Use the following steps to record a video using your tablet:
  1. Touch the All apps icon, and then touch the Camera app.
  2. Touch the video camera icon.
  3. If you want to record a video with the front camera, touch the rotating camera icon.
  4. Touch the red circle to begin recording.
    NOTE:While recording a video, you can take photos by touching the screen. The screen is momentarily outlined in red when the photo is taken. The video recording is not interrupted.
  5. Touch the red circle with a white square inside to stop the recording.

Other camera apps for Android

To find other apps that can be used with your tablet's cameras, visit the Google Play Store (in English).

Viewing your photos and videos in the Gallery app

When you take a picture or record a video on your tablet, the file is saved in the Gallery app. For information about viewing your photos and videos, refer to the HP support document Listening to Music, Watching Videos, and Viewing Photos on Your HP Tablet .
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