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Finding and Upgrading the DVD Writer Firmware Version

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Firmware consists of the combination of an EPROM chip installed in the HP DVD Writer with programming information that tells the DVD Writer hardware how to respond to commands issued by software. The DVD Writer firmware can be updated by running a firmware update utility that re-programs the EPROM chip.
Firmware upgrades are available for some, but not all DVD Writers. The steps referred to in this document provide a quick way to check the current firmware revision and if a firmware update is currently available.

Before Beginning

The software included with the DVD Writer must be installed and the DVD Writer connected to the computer before completing the next section. If possible, the computer should also be connected to the Internet.

Locating the firmware version of the HP DVD Writer drive

  1. Click Start, Programs, Hewlett-Packard, HP DVD and then choose HP DVD to start the HP DVD Writer menu of software selections.
  2. The HP MyDrive utility will display information about the HP DVD Writer including the firmware version (see figure 1). HP MyDrive can be accessed via one of the three methods listed below depending on the version installed:
    • Access HP MyDrive from the main HP DVD Writer opening menu.
    • Access HP MyDrive from the Support tab.
    • Access HP MyDrive from the Help tab.
    Figure 1: HP MyDrive Screen
  3. If connected to the Internet, click the Check for firmware update button to automatically check for a firmware update.
    • If the computer with the HP DVD Writer is not connected to the internet, the latest firmware update can also be downloaded from HP's support web site. Compare the version information reported from the HP MyDrive utility with the latest firmware version available for download. If a firmware update is not posted for the HP DVD Writer, the DVD Writer already has the latest firmware version and no new firmware update is currently available for the drive.
  4. If the HP MyDrive utility states a firmware update is available, click the Download latest firmware button and follow the on-screen instructions to update the firmware.

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