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Creating an MP3 Disc with RecordNow

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Below are the steps for creating a music disc from MP3 files with RecordNow.
The RecordNow software does not have an option to leave a disc open to add more audio files at a later time. All files must be copied to the disc in one operation. The software will automatically close the disc, and it cannot be appended to when the burn is finished.

Before you begin

The writing operation is a memory and computer processor intensive operation. As a precautionary measure, close other programs before starting a write operation.

Steps to make a music disc from audio files with RecordNow

  1. From the main menu of HP RecordNow, click Make a Music Disc , then click Make a Disc for an MP3 Player (see Figure 1).
    Figure 1: Make a Music Disc menu
  2. HP RecordNow automatically opens the HP drive and prompts to insert a blank disc. Insert the blank disc, and click Next .
  3. HP RecordNow automatically searches the hard drive for MP3 files and displays them in the Music on System window.
  4. Highlight the tracks to be copied and click Add (see Figure 2).
    NOTE: If there are tracks to be copied that are not listed, click Browse to locate the tracks (see Figure 2).
    Figure 2: Add tracks, Browse for tracks
  5. When all of the tracks have been selected, click Next .
  6. HP RecordNow will run a “write speed test,” then begin the recording process.
  7. When the recording is completed, the finished music disc will be ejected automatically. Remove the discs from your drives and store them in a safe place.

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