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Finding and Installing Cartridges after Moving to Another Country

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HP customizes some products and cartridges to meet specific local customer needs. During your initial printer setup, the printer automatically set itself to accept cartridges specific to a country or region. If you take your product from that country to another country, you might not find cartridges with the same number on the label as your original cartridges. These cartridges will not work in your product even though they appear to be compatible with it. If you purchase cartridges that you believe are compatible with your product, and then try to install them, you might see one of the following error messages:
  • 'Incompatible Cartridges'
  • 'Cartridge Not Intended for this Printer'
  • 'Incorrect Cartridges'
Follow these steps to identify cartridges that are compatible with your product, and then contact an HP support agent to resolve the issue of error messages.

Resolving a cartridge-related error message after moving to another country

If your printer or your cartridges are within warranty, HP will help you resolve this issue. Before you contact HP, make sure that you have the following items ready:
  • Your HP product
  • A full set of HP cartridges for your new country or region
  • A computer that is connected to your product

Step one: Identify compatible cartridges for your product

To purchase cartridges or check cartridge compatibility for your printer, go to HP Home & Home Office Store (US only), and then click Ink Toner & Paper.
If you are located outside of the US, follow these steps to purchase cartridges using HP SureSupply.
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page and make sure that the country/region location is correct.
Genuine HP cartridges can also be purchased from other retailers.
NOTE:You will need a full set of cartridges for your new region before you contact HP. HP will not supply new replacement cartridges for your printer, but will help to reset your printer so that it will accept the cartridges that are available in your new country.

Step two: Contact HP support

Click Contact HP on this page for more information on how to receive support.

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