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Using the ATI Radeon Vari-Bright Feature

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This document pertains to HP notebook PCs with ATI Radeon™ HD 3000 Series (and later) graphics adapters.
The Vari-Bright feature is designed to save power by dynamically adjusting how much power the display panel uses. It does this by continually monitoring the images shown on the display panel and, when possible, decreasing the display panel's brightness. Colors retain their fidelity because Vari-Bright also adjusts the display panel's gamma levels to compensate for the decreased brightness.
Although the brightness and gamma changes are intended to happen gradually, on some models the changes may happen too suddenly, causing a flicker effect. Additionally, when the images displayed are predominately white (such as when working on a page in Microsoft Word), Vari-Bright may suddenly restore the display panel's original brightness in order to prevent it from appearing too dim.
If you find the continual brightness adjustment distracting or uncomfortable, you can configure the Vari-Bright feature to use more suitable settings, or you can turn it off altogether.

Configure the Vari-Bright feature

To configure the Vari-Bright feature:
  1. Click Start, type CCC in the search field, then select CCC - Advanced from the search results list.
  2. In the Catalyst Control Center window, click the Graphics menu, then select PowerPlay.
  3. On the PowerPlay screen, select the PowerPlay option, then select Enable Vari-Bright.
  4. Use the Vari-Bright slider to configure the sensitivity of the feature. For less intrusive brightness adjustment, move the slider more toward Maximize Quality; for greater power savings, move the slider more toward Maximize Battery Life.
  5. Click OK to save the settings and close the Catalyst Control Center window.
If you want to disable the Vari-Bright feature, repeat steps 1-3 but de-select the Enable Vari-Bright option.

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