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HP Deskjet 990cse Printer support

Opening and Using the Toolbox

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Use the HP Deskjet 990C and 960C series printer toolbox to print test pages, calibrate the printer, and to check the estimated ink levels in the cartridges. The graphics shown are for the 990C printers, but are illustrative of both the 990C and the 960C printers.


  1. To access the Toolbox in Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, and NT 4.0, right-click the Printer Settings icon on the taskbar (see Figure 1.0).
    Figure 1: Printer Setting Icon
  2. Then click OpenToolbox (see Figure 2.0).
    Figure 2: Open Toolbox selection
  3. The Toolbox will look like the illustration below (see Figure 3.0).
    Figure 3: Graphic of the Toolbox
    1 -Estimated Ink Level tab. Click this for a visual display of the estimated ink level, for the print cartridge part numbers, and for print cartridge ordering information.
    2 -Printer Services tab. Click this for access to the User's Guide and the printer tests.
    3 -Open the User's Guide. Click this to view the User's Guide on screen.
    4 -Calibrate the printer. Click this to align the color and the black cartridges for sharp, crisp, print quality.
    5 -Clean the Print Cartridge. Click this when lines and dots are missing from the print. This will attempt to clean any nozzles that may be clogged, which causes the white lines and the missing dots.
    6 -Print a Test Page. Click this to check for clarity after cleaning the print cartridge.
    7 -Print a Diagnostic Page. Click this to print information about the state of the printer.
    8 -Configuration tab. Click this when using parallel cable hardware to enable ECP. Check the Attempt to use Hardware ECP box to possibly enable photos to print more quickly.
HP Deskjet 990cse Printer

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