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HP Pavilion 6330 Desktop PC (US/CAN) support

Product Specifications

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Worldwide introduction date (back to Table of Contents )
July 24, 1998 Canada and U.S.
Base processor (back to Table of Contents )
300 AMD K6-2 microprocessor
SiS 5598
Supported operation systems (OS / NOS) (back to Table of Contents )
Microsoft (R) Windows 98
Standard: 48 MB (SDRAM)

Maximum 4 MB shared with UMA Video
Maximum: 256 MB
Speed: 66 MHz/10 ns SDRAM only
Sockets: 2-168 pin
Size: 16, 32, 64, or 128 MB DIMMs
Type Supported: Intel 1.0 compliant
Primary 64 KB
Secondary Level (Max.) 0
Upgrade Sockets None
Video Memory: 4 MB UMA

Default set at 2 MB
Video Memory Type: SiS SW 3D SDRAM
Resolutions 2 MB Video RAM: Video resolutions dependent upon specific display used
640 x 480 16 / 256 / 32K / 64K / 16.7M colors
800 x 600 16 / 256 / 32K / 64K colors
1024 x 768 16 / 256 / 32K / 64K colors
1280 x 1024 256 colors
Enhanced IDE: 4.0 GB
Speed: 24x speed (maximum)
Access Speed: 100ms
Transfer Rate: 3600 Kbps
Fax data modem (back to Table of Contents )
Fax Speed: 14.4 Kbps (v. 17 bis)
Data Speed: 56 v.90 Kbps
Plug and Play: Yes
Hayes Compatible: Yes
Data Compression: V.42 bis
Error Correction: V.42
COM Port (default) 2
IRQ (default) 3
EIA Fax Commands Class 2
Answering Machine No
Video Phone Receive No
Full Duplex Speaker Phone: No
Noise Cancellation: Yes
Microphone: Included with some HP Pavilion Multimedia Displays
Compatibility: 16-bit stereo industry standard compatible
Controller: Crystal Audio Chipset
Location: On Motherboard
Line Out: Yes
3-D Spatializer: Yes
Wavetable: Yes
Tone Control: No
One-touch Multimedia Keyboard
External ports (back to Table of Contents )
Serial: 1 DB9 connector (16C550 compatible)
Parallel: Standard bidirectional / Enhanced Capability Parallel
USB: 1 Standard Universal Serial Bus (2 ports)
Joystick: 1 Game Port
VGA: 15-pin Analog Connector
Expansion slots (back to Table of Contents )
Device bays available for expansion (back to Table of Contents )
5.25 inch, half height: 2
Complete software package (back to Table of Contents )
Operating System:Windows 98
HP Personal Guide
Productivity and Finance:Microsoft Works v.4.5
QuickLink III FAX software by Smith/Micro v.3.2.0
Microsoft Money ‘98
Quicken (R) by Intuit v.7
HP Financial Calculator v.1.02
Fun with Photos
Education and Reference:Microsoft Encarta 98 Encyclopedia
Entertainment:HP Pavilion Media Rack by Willow Pond
Internet and Online Services:HP At Home Owners Website
Customized Browser
HP Message Board
Disney’s Daily Blast (TM) 2.0
America Online v.4.0
CompuServe WinCim v.3.0.4
PRODIGY Service v.4.0.2
AT&T WorldNet Service v.2.0
NETCOMplete by NETCOM v.4.0
Service and Support:HP Support Center
HP Pavilion Recovery Kit
VirusScan by McAfee v 3.1.6
Electronic Documentation by Modern Age Books
HP Pavilion 6330 Desktop PC (US CAN)

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