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Setting Input Voltage for Use in Another Country/Region

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This document applies to all HP and Compaq desktop PCs.
Using a computer in a country/region other than where it was originally purchased may require changing the input voltage selector switch. The voltage selector switch can be found on the back of the PC where the power cord connects to the PC.
Figure 1: Voltage selector switch example
NOTE:Some PCs come with power supplies that switch automatically and do not have a voltage selector switch.
There are two switch positions on the input voltage selector - a lower range (typically 100V-127V~7A - 115V) and an upper range (200V-240V~4A).
To switch the selection, unplug the power cord and use a small screwdriver to slide the switch to the opposite position.
The voltage level supplied by the power outlet needs to fall within the voltage range that is selected by the input voltage selector.
CAUTION:Changing the input voltage selector switch to the incorrect setting can damage the computer. Make sure that you know what voltage is being supplied by the power outlet before setting the voltage selector switch and before connecting the power cord.
For example, if a PC was purchased and used in the United States on 120 volt alternating current (VAC) and was then moved to another country that used 220 VAC, the voltage selector switch needs to to be switched from the lower range to the upper range (230V) before it can be powered on.
In addition, different countries/regions use different power outlets and plug ends. You may have to purchase and use a new power cord to match the outlet type. Adapters may also be available that can allow you to use your original cord with different outlet types, but using a correct cable type should be preferred over using an adapter.
NOTE:The following list is provided as an example of the differences between coutries/regions. Some countries/regions may use more than one type of voltage in different areas. Do not use the data in this list to determine the source voltage for your power outlet. If you are in doubt, refer to your electrical bill or support for your power services.
Argentina 220 VAC
Australia 240 VAC
Canada 120 VAC
China 220 VAC
Cyprus 240 VAC
Denmark 220 VAC
Egypt 220 VAC
Europe, East and West 220 VAC
India 220 VAC
Japan 100 VAC
Libya 220 VAC
Mexico 120 VAC
New Zealand 240 VAC
Papua New Guinea 220 VAC
Philippines 120 VAC
Saudi Arabia 220 VAC
Singapore 240 VAC
South Africa 220 VAC
Spain 220 VAC
Sudan240 VAC
Switzerland220 VAC
Taiwan 120 VAC
United Kingdom 240 VAC
United States120 VAC
Uruguay 220 VAC
Compaq Presario 5000LA Desktop PC

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