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Lotus Notes Does Not Synchronize with ActiveSync

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Lotus Notes on a desktop will not synchronize e-mail, calendar, task, or contact or other information through Microsoft (R) ActiveSync and an HP Jornada or HP Palmtop PC.
SOLUTION 1: Install Microsoft Outlook from the in-box CD. This is the only solution supported by HP. If installing Outlook is not an option, skip to Solution 2. To install Outlook, complete the following steps:
  1. Insert the Microsoft CD that came with the HP Jornada or HP Palmtop.
  2. Click Start and Run.
  3. Click Browse, then the down arrow in the Look In folder. Click the CD-ROM drive containing the ActiveSync CD from the list of locations.
  4. Double-click the Extras folder, double-click the Outlook folder, then double-click the Setup icon.
  5. Click OK and follow the instructions on the screen. The Certificate of Authenticity, containing the 25-character product key for installing Outlook, is located on the front of the Discovering Microsoft Outlook booklet containing the Microsoft ActiveSync CD.
  6. Open Outlook after the installation is completed at least once before attempting to synchronize with an HP Jornada or HP Palmtop. Opening Outlook sets up information needed by ActiveSync to synchronize.
SOLUTION 2: Synchronize HP Jornada and HP Palmtop PCs with Lotus Notes or with other e-mail or other third party PIM (Personal Information Manager - data such as Contacts, Calendar and Tasks) applications. HP does not recommend, support, or endorse any of these companies or their software, but the following Web sites offer third-party software for synchronizing without Outlook or ActiveSync.
NOTE: The above links will take you outside of the Hewlett-Packard Web site. HP does not control and is not responsible for information outside of the HP Web site.
Hewlett-Packard provides Microsoft Outlook and ActiveSync with new products and recommends them for new HP Jornadas or HP Palmtops. The latest versions of Outlook and ActiveSync provided with new HP Jornada and HP Palmtop PCs help synchronize calendar, e-mail, task, and other information with a desktop computer.
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