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Setting up Microsoft (R) ActiveSync 3.5 and Establishing a Partnership

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This document explains how to set up Microsoft (R) ActiveSync 3.5 and how to establish a partnership between an HP Jornada/Palmtop PC and a desktop PC. HP recommends using ActiveSync 3.5 with all compatible HP Jornadas or Palmtops because it is the newest version of ActiveSync software available.

About ActiveSync 3.5

ActiveSync compares the information on an HP Jornada or Palmtop PC with the information on a desktop PC and synchronizes both of them. Synchronizing the two computers allows e-mail, contacts, appointments, and files to be shared. Changes made to either the HP Jornada or Palmtop PC or the desktop PC is shared via ActiveSync once the PCs are reconnected.

Downloading ActiveSync

If the ActiveSync 3.5 software was not included with the HP Jornada, get it from the Microsoft ActiveSync download page .

HP devices compatible with ActiveSync 3.5

ActiveSync 3.5 is compatible with any HP Jornada using Windows CE 2.0 or newer. ActiveSync 3.5 may be downloaded from the Microsoft ActiveSync download page for the following products:
  • HP Palmtop 360LX
  • HP Palmtop 620LX
  • HP Palmtop 660LX
  • HP Jornada 420 series (420 and 428)
  • HP Jornada 430 series (430 and 430se)
  • HP Jornada 520 series (520 and 525)
  • HP Jornada 540 series (540, 545, 547, and 548)
  • HP Jornada 560 series (564, 565, 567, and 568)
  • HP Jornada 680 series (680, 680e, and 688)
  • HP Jornada 690 series (690 and 690e)
  • HP Jornada 720 series (720 and 728)
  • HP Jornada 820 series (820 and 820e)
  • HP Jornada 928 wireless digital assistant

Installing ActiveSync

CAUTION:Do not connectthe HP Jornada to the computer with a USB cable until prompted to do so by the on-screen instructions. See the Troubleshooting section below if the cable was attached before ActiveSync was installed.
On the desktop PC, double-click the file downloaded from Microsoft or insert the ActiveSync disk into the CD-ROM drive on the desktop computer. If Setup fails to start when the disk is inserted, start manually by clicking Start then Run. Next, type D:\setup, where D is the CD-ROM drive. The Setup screen should appear (see Figure 1). Follow the on-screen prompts to install ActiveSync and set up a partnership.
Figure 1: Set Up Microsoft ActiveSync 3.5 screen


To communicate, the two computers need to recognize each other. If problems are encountered during installation, try the following:
  • Make sure the cable is connected firmly to both computers.
  • Unplug and reconnect the cable to the device.
  • Shut off the device, and turn it back on.
  • In ActiveSync on the desktop PC, click File then Get Connected.
  • In ActiveSync on the desktop PC, click File, then Connections, and verify that the Allow USB Connection with this Desktop Computer option is checked.
  • If the HP Jornada or Palmtop was connected to the desktop PC with a USB cable before ActiveSync was installed, view the "Synchronization Cannot be Started" Error Message document or the Problems Connecting to PC With USB document.
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