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HP 200Lx Palmtop PC support

Resolving Lockups, Incorrect Responses, Passwords not Working, Slow Response, Memory Errors with a Soft Reset

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HP recommends performing a soft reset to a PDA on a regular basis to help prevent data corruption or data loss. A soft reset on a handheld is similar to rebooting a desktop PC. A soft reset allows the PDA to reallocate resources and to perform more efficiently, without the loss of saved data. A soft reset is also recommended after loading software, or large amounts of data.
Indications that are usually resolved by a soft reset are listed below:
  • PDA locking up.
  • One window displayed over half of another window.
  • PDA performing sluggishly.
  • Valid password not accepted or password cannot be changed.
  • Insufficient memory errors.
  • Other unusual displays or actions.

Resetting the PDA

For soft reset instructions, click here and locate the appropriate steps for your model in the Reset Information tables.
HP 200Lx Palmtop PC

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