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Keypad Questions

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This document addresses possible keypad questions for the HP 6s/6s solar, 10b, 17bii, and 19bii calculators.

Calculator symbol key

The procedures in this document use the following text to represent symbol keys:
KeyDescriptionText representation
Right shift key RS
Left-shift key LS
colored key; shift key SHIFT
Move cursor left cursor-left
Move cursor right cursor-right
Move cursor up cursor-up
Move cursor down cursor-down
Backspace/clear backspace

Keypad problems (HP 6s/6s solar, 10b, 17bii, and 19bii calculators)

The following table addresses possible keypad issues for the HP 6s/6s solar, 10b, 17bii, and 19bii calculators.
HP 6s/6s solar Keys appear not to work. In certain number modes, such as BIN, OCT, and HEX, not all keys work. Press MODE, then DEC and all of the keys should function correctly
HP 10b When pressing the SHIFT key and the P/YR key, the wrong number shows up on the display. Try making sure that the right key is being pressed. The P/YR key is above the PMT key and not above the N key. The P/YR setting can be checked by pressing the SHIFT key and then CLEARALL. The number of periods per year will then flash briefly on the display.

NOTE: This is a mode setting; it does not have to be set for each calculation.
HP 17bii and 19bii Arithmetic keys do not work as expected. When pressing 12 [+] 3 [=] the answer shows as 3.00. The calculator might be in the wrong mode. Try pressing SHIFT, MODES, then ALG to set the ALGEBRAIC mode.

Keypad functions (HP 49g series calculator)

The following section discusses the keyboard functions for the HP 49g graphing calculator.

Using the F1 and F6 function keys in RPN mode

To access the top row of the keyboard functions (Y=, WIN, GRAPH, etc.) in RPN mode, hold down the LS key.


In order to access the TABLE SETUP window, hold LS and press TBLSET. This is to allow for menus with "shifted" shortcuts. For example, The VAR menu has shortcuts for:
  • Store (LS)
  • Recall (RS)
The UNITS menu has shortcuts for:
  • Conversion (LS)
  • Division (RS)

Keyboard shortcuts (HP 49g series calculator)

The following shortcuts are available in Version 1.16 of the HP 49g ROM:
NOTE: In RPN mode, key combinations involving the LS or RS keys involve depressing the LS or RS key while pressing the function key.

Navigation and environment aides

The following is a list of the navigation and environment aid shortcuts that are available in the 1.16 version of the HP 49g ROM.
  • Last menu: LS, then NXT
  • Toggle Exact/Approximate mode: RS, then ENTER
  • Xmodem Server: RS, then [>]
  • Kermit Server: RS, then[>]
  • HOME: LS, then VAR
  • Last Argument: LS, then ANS
  • Time-Tools menu: RS, then 9
  • Bypass library configuration routines: ON, C+[<-] (useful when downloaded software malfunctions or is incompatible)

Typing aides

The following is a list of the typing shortcuts available for the 1.16 version of the HP 49g ROM.
  • Omega: ALPHA, then RS and 0
  • Upside-down exclamation point: ALPHA, then RS and 2
  • Upside-down question mark: ALPHA, then RS and 3
  • Empty dot: ALPHA, then RS and 4
  • Semicolon: RS and SPC
  • Quotation marks: RS andmultiplication key

Other shortcuts not requiring keys to be held down

The following is a list of shortcuts that do not require keys to be held down:
  • DROP: [<-]
  • Display PICTURE environment: [<]
  • SWAP (RPN mode only): [>]
  • HIST or interactive stack (RPN mode): cursor-up
  • Edit object with the context sensitive editor on object: LS, then cursor-down
  • List menus in display: RS, then cursor-down

Changing the sign of a number (HP 17bii and HP 19bii calculators)

The information found in this section pertains to the HP 17bii and HP 19bii calculators.

Changing the sign of a number in a list

To change the sign of a number in a list without having to key in the number again, press RCL, INPUT, [+/-], then INPUT.
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