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Resetting the Calculator

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Sometimes a calculator locks up or will not respond correctly. The calculator may require a reset for a variety of reasons. Resetting the calculator will erase the memory and restore the calculator's defaults. For this reason, it is important that you back up any critical data before resetting.

Resetting the calculator using the keyboard

To completely reset the calculator and erase all user memory, follow the procedure below.
  1. Press and hold [C]. Press and hold the first key from the left ([N]) and the first key from the right ([FV]) on the top row.
  2. Release all three keys at the same time.
  3. The calculator will go blank, and then display "CORP HP 2000."
  4. The message will disappear and the calculator will display "ALL CLEAR."
  5. Press the [ON] key to clear the message.

Resetting the calculator using a paperclip

To halt the calculator and reset the keyboard, follow the procedure below.
  1. Turn the calculator over and remove the battery door.
  2. Insert a paperclip into the small round hole located between the batteries. Insert the paperclip as far as it will go.
  3. Hold for one second then remove the clip.
  4. Press the [ON] key.
  5. If the calculator is still not responding, try one of the other methods.

Resetting to drain the capacitor

To drain the capacitor on the calculator, follow the procedure below.
  1. Remove the batteries.
  2. Place a dime in each hole.
  3. Press the dimes down and towards the top of the calculator, and hold for five (5) seconds.
  4. Remove the dimes, and put the batteries back in the calculator.
  5. The "ALL CLEAR" message will be displayed.
  6. Press the [ON] key to clear the message.

Other solutions

If the calculator did not display the "ALL CLEAR" message after resetting, or if resetting it did not correct the error, then remove the batteries for 24 to 48 hours.
NOTE: The batteries must be removed for at least 24 hours to drain the capacitor completely.
After letting the calculator sit without batteries for at least 24 hours, replace with fresh batteries. If the calculator continues to malfunction, it will need to be sent in for repair.
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