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HP Photosmart 318 Digital Camera support

Quick Setup

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Setting up the digital camera is quick and easy. Follow these steps and you will be ready to take pictures.

Step 1: Attach the wrist strap

  1. Thread the short loop through the wrist strap attachment located under the CF memory card compartment door. You may wish to use a pointed object, such as a paper clip, to pull the end of the loop through.
    Figure 1: Strap attachment
  2. Pull the strap through the loop, then pull the knot tight.

Step 2: Install the batteries

  1. Open the battery compartment door by pushing it out and then swinging it open.
  2. Insert four AA batteries (supplied), making sure the +/- electrodes are facing the proper direction (see the diagram on the inside of the camera’s battery compartment).
    NOTE: For replacement, use only photo-quality alkaline, photo-lithium, or rechargeable nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries.
Figure 2: Inserting batteries

Step 3: Turn on the camera

  • To turn the camera on, slide the on/off power ( ) switch to the right and release it. The status LCD (liquid crystal display) on top of the camera turns on and displays the camera status.
    NOTE: To turn the camera off, slide the switch to the right again and release it. The status LCD shuts off and goes blank.

Step 4: Choose the camera language

The first time the camera is turned on, a language selection screen, as shown in Figure 3, will be displayed on the LCD.
Figure 3: Camera language
  1. Roll the two-way control dial ( ) to scroll to the desired language.
  2. Press the two-way control dial ( ) to select the language.
    The language may be changed at any time by using the Setup menu.

Step 5: Set the camera date and time

After the camera language has been selected, the camera prompts for the current date and time. After the camera clock has been set, the date and time will be recorded for each picture.
  1. Roll the two-way control dial ( ) to point to the date format, and then press the dial to change it. The choices are MDY(mm/dd/yyyy), DMY (dd/mm/yyyy), or YMD (yyyy/mm/dd).
  2. Roll the two-way control dial ( ) to point to the date, and then press the dial.
  3. Roll the two-way control dial to change the number, and then press the dial to confirm it.
  4. Set the remaining values in the same way.
  5. To save the settings, select Exit. The image display will turn off.
Your camera is now ready to take pictures.
HP Photosmart 318 Digital Camera

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