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Fixing Paper Feed Problems

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This document applies to the HP printers in the table below

Deskjet 810C Deskjet 812C Deskjet 815C
Deskjet 825C Deskjet 830C Deskjet 832C
Deskjet 840C Deskjet 841C Deskjet 842C
Deskjet 843C Deskjet 843Cxd Deskjet 845C
Deskjet 845Cvr Deskjet 880C Deskjet 882C
Deskjet 895Cse Deskjet 895Cxi

Fixing paper feed problems

  • If the printer is not picking up paper, check to see if there is paper in the IN tray. If there is not, load paper into the IN tray and press the RESUME button.
  • Do not load more than 100 sheets of 75 g/m<superscript>2</superscript> paper in the IN tray. The paper stack should not exceed 10 mm (.38 inches).
  • Use the same type of paper in the paper tray when you are printing.
  • If one type of paper jams consistently, try a different type of paper.
  • Make sure that the paper width adjuster is against the left side of the stack but is not blocking the stack. Push in the paper length adjuster to make sure that the paper is placed firmly in the printer. Do not push so hard that the paper buckles.
  • Do not use paper, envelopes, or cards that are torn, buckled, have curled edges, or don’t lie flat.
  • Use the IN tray to load more than one envelope. Push the paper length adjuster toward the envelopes until it stops. Do not bend the envelopes.
  • Load only one envelope at a time in the single-sheet input tray and be sure that it is inserted fully into the slot.
  • Use envelopes with square flaps instead of triangular flaps, or tuck the flaps inside the envelopes.
  • If the printer's paper feed rollers become covered with debris (dust or paper fibers), clean the rollers with a soft cloth dampened with water.
  • If the paper loads unevenly in the printer, one or more of the rollers on the rear access door is missing. Remove the rear access door and check to see if all six rollers in the door are present. If any are missing, the door assembly needs to be replaced. For part ordering information, contact HP
  • If the printer does not drop any paper down to the OUT tray, remove the excess paper from the OUT tray. The paper stack should not exceed 10 mm (.38 inches).
  • If the printer is sending more than a single sheet through at one time, remove the paper from the IN tray and separate any sheets that are stuck together. Reload the paper in the IN tray.
  • If the printer is not ejecting paper, then turn off the printer. If the computer is turned on, turn it off. Then, turn on the computer again. Wait a few seconds, and then turn on the printer.

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