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HP Officejet 630 All-in-One Printer support

Installing Printer Software for a USB Connection in Windows XP for the HP Officejet 500, 600, 700, and T Series

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Follow the steps in this document to install the software and drivers for the product on a computer running Windows XP.
NOTE:DO NOT use the Add Printer Wizard or Add New Hardware wizard to install the drivers. This type of installation might fail or result in the installation of the incorrect drivers. Use the following steps for a successful installation. Do not connect the product to the computer until directed to during the installation.

Install the software and drivers

Step one: Uninstall prior software

  1. Click Start, click Settings, and then click Control Panel.
  2. Double-click Add/Remove Software.
  3. Select the HP product software from the list of installed programs.
  4. Click Add/Remove, and then follow the instructions that appear.
  5. After uninstalling the software, disconnect the communications cable from the computer.
  6. Restart the computer.

Step two: Confirm that ECP (Extended Capabilities Port) Mode is enabled

The parallel port of the computer must be set to ECP mode, which allows greater communications capabilities through the parallel port. Perform the following steps to confirm that ECP mode is enabled:
  1. Make sure that the parallel port mode is set to ECP in the computer BIOS. For additional information on ECP mode, refer to Setting the Parallel Port Mode to ECP and Why ECP Mode is Beneficial (buu08011) (in English) or contact the computer manufacturer for assistance with this task.
  2. Check and set the port settings in Device Manager.
    1. From the Windows Desktop, click Start, right-click MyComputer, and then select Properties.
    2. Click the Hardware tab.
    3. Click the Device Manager button in the middle of the Hardware tab.
    4. Double-click Ports in the list, and then double-click the parallel port entry to open the Port Properties dialog box.
    5. Click the Port Settings tab.
    6. Select Use any interrupt assigned to the port, and then click Enable legacy Plug and Play detection.
    7. Click OK to save the changes and exit.
  3. Close all open programs and disable any antivirus software.

Step three: Install the software

Follow these instructions to install the software. Do not connect the communications cable to the product until directed to do so by the software installer.
NOTE: During installation, Windows will display messages recommending that you stop installation because the product software has not passed Windows Logo testing. However, Hewlett-Packard has tested the productsoftware with Windows XP and verified compatibility. When these messages appear, click Continue Anyway.
  1. Open the software in one of the following ways:
    • Right-click the following link to open the downloads page in a new window, and then double-click the downloaded file to open the software installer: Download the software and drivers .
    • Insert the HP software for Windows XP CD-ROM. Use Windows Explorer to locate the folder for the appropriate HP Officejet series and language (for example, \OJ 700 Series\English). Double-click the file in that folder to open the software installer.
  2. Click Finish to accept the default Installation folder. An “Overwrite Protection” warning might occur while reinstalling the software. If the warning appears, click Yes to All to proceed with the installation.
  3. When the HP Officejet Essentials window appears, click Install and follow the instructions that appear in the window.
  4. When prompted to do so, turn on the product and connect it to the computer. In a few moments, several Found New Hardware messages will appear. Accept the recommended action in each message by clicking Next or Finish. If the Found New Hardware messages do not appear, restart the computer.
  5. When the HP Officejet Fax Setup Wizard appears, provide the requested information.
  6. Click Print Test Page to make sure that the installation was successful. Click View the ReadMe File for additional important information.
  7. Click Next to continue.
  8. Click Finish to complete the setup and exit.
  9. When the HP Officejet Essentials window appears, click Quit.

Fast User Switching

The HP software does not fully support Fast User Switching in Windows XP. Fast User Switching allows more than one person to log on to the computer and use the product. In Windows XP, the second user to log on will be able to use the All-in-One for printing only. Windows XP does not release any resources reserved for the first user when the second user logs on. The first user can make the product available to the second user in one of the following ways:
  • The first user can log off the computer by clicking Start,andthen clicking Log Off.
  • The first user can shut down the All-in-One software. Right-click the HP All-in-One icon next to the time, and then select Close from the menu.