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Compaq Presario 6LPXE1 Desktop PC support

Product Specifications

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Compaq Presario 6000T-6LPXE1
6000 Series Internet Desktop PC
May 2002
Standard Features
Dimensions & Weights

(H x W x D)
Unit: 17.0" x 8.9" x 17.0" (25.5 lbs.)

Package: 23.25" x 18.31" x 22.25" (49.0 lbs)
ProcessorIntel(r) Pentium(r) 4 - 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9 or 2.0 GHz
System Bus400 MHz Front Side System Bus
Cache• 12K micro-op trace cache

• 8KB L1 Advanced Transfer Cache

• 256 KB Integrated L2 Pipeline Burst Cache (1.8-2.0GHz Pentium 4 processor)

• 512 KB Integrated L2 Pipeline Burst Cache (2.0-2.2GHz Pentium 4 processor)

Note: 2.0GHz processors can have either 256KB or 512KB L2 cache depending on build date)
System Memory128, 256, 512MB, 1.0GB 266MHz PC 2100 DDR DRAM

• Max Capacity - 1.0GB

• 2 DIMM slots (128, 256MB - 1 DIMM installed; 512MB, 1.0GB - 2 DIMMs installed)
Hard Drive• 20, 40, 80 GB 5400RPM UltraDMA

• 40, 80 GB 7200RPM UltraDMA

ATA/100 UDMA support (2 IDE connectors with 2 channels each)
Optical Drive(s)• 40X CD-RW drive

• 32X CD-RW drive

• 16X DVD-ROM Drive

• DVD-R/RW & CD-RW combo drive
Communications• Internal 56K ITU v.90 PCI Modem

• Internal US Robotics PCI 56K ITU v.90 Controller Data/Fax Modem (upgrade option)

• Integrated 10/100 BaseT Ethernet card
Diskette Drive3.5" 1.44 MB Diskette drive
GraphicsIntegrated Intel Graphics Controller - 32MB dedicated SDR-RAM - Max Resolution:1600 x 1200

NVIDIA GeForce2 MX200 Graphics with TV-Out (upgrade option) - 64MB dedicated SDR-RAM - Max Resolution:2048 x 1536

NVIDIA GeForce4 MX420 Graphics (upgrade option) - 64MB dedicated SDR-RAM - Max Resolution:2048x1536

ATI All-in-Wonder (r) RADEON(tm) 8500XT Graphics (upgrade option) - 128MB dedicated DDR-RAM - Max Resolution:2048x1536
Audio/Speakers• Integrated SoundMax III Digital Audio

• Sound Blaster Live! Value 5.1 (upgrade option)

- JBL Platinum Speakers with Digital Audio Port (upgrade option)

JBL Sonnet 2.1 Speakers (upgrade option)

Creative Labs Inspire(tm) 2400 2.1 Speaker System (upgrade option)

Creative Labs Inspire(tm) 2600 2.1 Speaker System(upgrade option)

Creative Labs Inspire(tm) 5300 5.1 Multi-Media/Multi-Channel Surround Speaker System(upgrade option)

Cambridge Soundworks(tm) MegaWorks 510D 5.1 Digital Multi-Media/Multi-Channel Sourround Speaker System (upgrade option)
Mouse• Logitech Internet Scroll Mouse

• Cordless USB Wheel Mouse (upgrade option)

• Optical USB Mouse (upgrade option)

• Microsoft Wireless Optical Intellimouse
Keyboard(s)• Compaq PS/2 Easy Access Internet Keyboard

• USB Smart Card Keyboard (upgrade option)
Compatibility/Compliance• Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI)

• Plug-and-Play

• Energy Star
Power SupplySteady-state 235 watts
Drive Bays• One (1) 3.5" internal for hard drive

• One (1) 3.5" internal open for expansion

• One (1) 3.5" external for 1.44 MB diskette drive

• One (1) 5.25" external open for expansion

• One (1) 5.25" external for optical drives
Expansion Slots• One (1) PCI slot with modem

• Two (2) PCI slots open for expansion

(One (1) PCI slot open for expansion if SoundBlaster Live!Value audio option is chosen or if MyMovieSTUDIO option is chosen)

(Zero (0) PCI slots open for expansion if both SoundBlaster Live!Value audio option and MyMovieSTUDIO options are chosen)

• One (1) 4X AGP slot with graphics card
I/O Interfaces• Four (4) USB ports (2 front, 2 back)

• Two (2) Serial RS-232C compatible, DB9 connector (16550)

• One (1) Parallel EPP/ECP standard centronics-compatible interface (DB25 connector)

• Two (2) PS/2 ports (mouse, keyboard)

• Two (2) RJ-11 phone jacks (1 input,1 output)

• One (1) VGA monitor connection

• One (1) RJ-45 port

• Three (3) audio ports (1 line-in, 1 line-out, 1 microphone-in)

(Five (5) audio ports (1 line-in, 2 line-out, 1 digital out, 1 microphone in) if Sound Blaster Live! option is chosen)

(Three (3) IEEE-1394 ports (1 front, 2 back) if Digital Video Center or MyMovieSTUDIO option is chosen)
Compaq Service and SupportQuick and effective product care and customer service.

• Comprehensive product protection plan : 1-year on-site, 1-year parts, 1-year labor, 1-year end-user replaceable parts (EURP)

• Built-in preventive care and maintenance featuring anti-virus software, Internet security, restore and recovery solutions as well as the new Compaq Help and Support Center built right into the PC.
Compaq AdvisorProvides relevant and timely information regarding PC's functionality, enhancements and proactive notification of potential product or service issues. Messages are current, useful and serve relevant offers only at the time of interest.
Internet Access• 6 months of AOL included with purchase of Compaq PC - Seven email addresses, personal Web space and access to AOL's Instant Messenger
SOFTWAREMicrosoft(r) Windows(r) XP Home Edition

Microsoft(r) Windows(r) XP Professional Version (upgrade option)

Coloreal(tm) Color Management Technology Software

Microsoft(r) Media Player 8.0 (with operating system)

Real Player 8.0

Intuit Quicken 2002 New User Edition/Quicken Financial Center

Norton Internet Security 2002 (Includes Norton Anti-Virus 2002)(CD)

Roxio Easy CD Creator 5.1 (CD)(with CD-RW or DVD-R/RW & CD-RW combo units only)

Sonic MyDVD! Video Suite Software (includes Sonic MyDVD! Version 3.5 and ArcSoft ShowBiz Version 1.1 and is only available on models with DVD-R/RW drives)

Compaq Advisor

Compaq Restore Plus! CD

Documentation CD

Microsoft(r) Internet Explorer 6.0

Netscape Navigator 6

Earthlink Broadband

Yahoo/Get Yahoo!

America Online (AOL)7.0

Microsoft(r) Home Suite - Preinstalled

Microsoft(r) Money 2002

Microsoft(r) Works 6.0

Microsoft(r) Encarta On--line Deluxe Encyclopedia 2001 (1 year free subscription)


Microsoft(r) Office XP Small Business Edition (upgrade option)- on CD

Microsoft(r) Word 2002

Microsoft(r) Excel 2002

Microsoft(r) Outlook 2002

Microsoft(r) Publisher 2002


Microsoft(r) Office XP Professional Edition (upgrade option)- on CD

Microsoft(r) Word 2002

Microsoft(r) Excel 2002

Microsoft(r) Outlook 2002

Microsoft(r) Publisher 2002

Microsoft(r) Access 2002

Microsoft(r) PowerPoint 2002
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