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Compaq Presario 1600-XL145 Notebook PC support

Product Specifications

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Product NameCompaq Presario 1600-XL145 Notebook PC
US Product Number164028-003
MicroprocessorIntel Pentium III processor - 500 MHz; 100 MHz system bus
Microprocessor Cache256 KB Integrated Cache
Memory64 MB SyncDRAM, shared memory architecture - between 1 MB and 8 MB dedicated for video memory, depending on functional requirements.
Memory MaxUpgradable to a maximum of 192 MB
Video GraphicsTrident CyberBlade 3D graphics
  • 2X AGP for enhanced video, graphics and 3D performance
  • Maximum internal resolution of up to 1024 x 768 x 16 M; with external monitor – 1280 x 1024 non-interlaced
  • 24-bit color provides up to 16 M brilliant colors

TV-Out (RCA) enables high-quality digital video playback to home theater systems

Compaq DVD Player/Navigator

Microsoft DirectShow

MPEG2 video playback

Audio CD player

Video player (AVI, MPEG2 and others)
Video Memory8 MB video memory
Hard Drive6.0 GB UltraDMA hard drive

For hard drives, GB=billion bytes.
Diskette Drive3.5 inch, 1.44 MB diskette drive
Multimedia Drive6X DVD-ROM drive

6X DVD-ROM drives read a minimum of 2705 Kbps and a maximum of 8115 Kbps.
Display14.1 inch TFT Active Matrix XGA display
Fax/Modem56 K ITU V.90 PCI modem

ITU V.90 modems are designed only to allow faster downloads from K56flex or V.90 compliant digital sources. Maximum achievable download transmission rates are currently unknown, may not reach 56 Kbps, and will vary with line conditions.
SoundJBL Pro Audio System with Bass Reflex
  • High-power, low-distortion amplifiers for high-fidelity sound
  • Ported bass reflex enclosures increase low-end frequency response
  • Dolby Digital Certified Sound ensures the highest quality stereo playback of Dolby Digital multimedia and DVD movie titles

DisqPlay2 - Plays audio CDs without booting up the PC

Digital volume control
KeyboardFull-size keys and separate cursor control keys (88 keys)

101-key compatible

Windows operating system keys

SoftTouch palm rests

User-programmable function keys (F1 and F2)

Audio CD Player control function keys (Play/Pause, Stop, Previous Track, Next Track)
Pointing DeviceTouchpad pointing device
PC Card Slots
  • One (1) Type II or one (1) Type III PC Card slot with support for 32-bit CardBus
External Ports
  • One (1) USB connector
  • Serial RS-232 compatible, DB9 connector (16550)
  • Parallel SPP/ECP standard interface (DB25 connector)
  • Mouse or keyboard port – PS2 style
  • RJ-11 modem jack
  • TV-Out (RCA)
  • Two audio ports (headphone/speaker-out and microphone-in)
  • External VGA monitor port
  • QuikDock connector
Dimensions40.6 x 310 x 256 mm

1.6 x 12.2 x 10.08 inches
Weight3.26 kg (7.2 lbs)
  • Power-on password
  • Reinforced security slot; accepts third-party security lock devices
  • High-capacity LiIon battery
  • Smart battery technology provides accurate, instantaneous battery status
  • Improved capacity for longer battery life
  • Hibernation and sleep
Options32 MB PC100 SyncDRAM Memory Module

64 MB PC100 SyncDRAM Memory Module

128 MB PC100 SyncDRAM Memory Module

High-Capacity LiIon Battery


AC Adapter


Operating System:
Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition
Security and Support:
McAfee Virus Scan
RioPort Audio Manager

Productivity and Finance:
Microsoft Money 2000

Microsoft Works 2000

Microsoft Word 2000

Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 2000
Internet Solutions:
America Online


Microsoft Internet Explorer


Service and support

Warranty and Supporte-Support
One year U.S. Limited Warranty: One year parts and labor (carry-in or mail-in)

Certain restrictions and exclusions apply.

Technical support: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Compaq Remote Support allows a Compaq technician to connect to your PC and resolve technical difficulties over the phone.

Compaq Service Connection offers free PC tune-ups performed automatically over the Web.
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