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HP 1050 Fax support

Testing Your HP Fax Machine with the HP Fax Test Service

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This document will assist you in testing your HP Fax machine using the HP Fax Test Service.
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Test your fax machine

To test the capability of your fax machine, follow the directions below.
NOTE:Be sure that your phone number is not Caller ID blocked by your telephone company prior to attempting to send and receive a fax. Pressing *82 before dialing the toll free number will unblock the Caller ID blocking feature in most areas. Other phone company services can prevent you from receiving a fax, including voice mail, call blocking, or call privacy features.
NOTE:Whenever troubleshooting a fax issue, it is good practice to set the Automatic Reports option to Every Error before attempting a test fax. This way, even if the sent fax fails, an error code will be generated that will guide you in future troubleshooting. This option is available in different places on different products, consult the product User's Guide for specific steps.
  1. Send a one page black and white text fax to 1-888-hpfaxme (1-888-473-2963).
  2. When your fax is received by the HP Test Fax Service, we will generate a return fax to you within five minutes confirming that we received your fax. This verifies that you can both send and receive a fax with your fax machine.
If you do not receive a return fax within 5-7 minutes, there may be a problem with the setup of your fax machine. Consult the user manual that came with the product for proper setup and configuration.
NOTE:The most common cause of failure is that the fax number set in the Fax Header on the machine does not match the number of the phone line connected to the fax. Also, ensure that the fax header contains the full 10-digit telephone number of the fax machine, including the area code.
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