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Tape Storage Management Console

Software-based storage management tool for centralized SCSI or SAN fibre attached tape devices.
NOTE:TSMC ReplacedAs of February 2003, TSMC is no longer a current product. It has been retired and replaced by HP Library and Tape Tools
Feature Description
Current Versions
  • V2.3.3 for Microsoft Windows,
  • V2.0.1 for Novell NetWare
  • V2.0 for Tru64 UNIX
Supported Operating Systems
  • Windows NT 4.0 [ 4 ]
  • Windows 2000 Server and Advanced Server [ 5 ]
  • Novell NetWare v5.1 and above [ 6, 7 ]
  • Tru64 UNIX v5.1a
Supported Browser
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 with Java Support (or equivalent)
  • Netscape 4.7 or higher
Supported Tape Drives
  • AIT: AIT 35 GB (IDE), AIT 35 GB (SCSI), AIT 35 GB LVD (SCSI), AIT 50 GB (including Hot-Plug drives), AIT 100 GB
  • DAT: 4/8 GB DAT, 12/24 GB DAT, 20/40 GB DAT (including Hot-Plug drives)
  • DLT/SDLT: 15/30 GB DLT, 20/40 GB DLT, DLT 35/70 GB, DLT 40/80 GB, SDLT 110/220 GB, SDLT 160/320 GB
  • LTO: Ultrium 230 for ProLiant
  • SLR: 4/8 GB SLR
Supported Tape Subsystems
  • SCSI Storage Expander II
  • DLT Tape Array III
  • TA1000 AIT Tape Array
Supported Tape Libraries / Loaders [ 3 ]
  • 12/24 GB and 20/40 GB DAT 8-Cassette Autoloader
  • DLT1 Autoloader
  • AIT Autoloader
  • SSL2020 AIT Library
  • TL881 DLT Library
  • TL891 Library, TL 891DLX Library
  • TL895 DLT Library
  • MSL5026SL Library, MSL5026DLX Library, MSL5026S2 Library
  • MSL5030L1 Library
  • MSL5052SL Library, MSL5052S2 Library
  • MSL5060L1 Library
  • ESL9198SL Library, ESL9198DX Library
  • ESL9322S2 Library
  • ESL9326D Library, ESL9326SL Library, ESL9326DX Library
  • ESL9595SL Library, ESL9595S2 Library 
Supported SCSI Controllers
  • Fast-Wide SCSI 2 or LVD Host Bus Adapter, Compaq-branded [ 1 ]
  • 64-Bit/66-Mhz Wide Ultra 3 Host Bus Adapter, Compaq-branded [ 2 ]
  • Dual Channel PCI to Ultra SCSI Adapter
Supported Fibre Interconnects
  • FCTC I, FCTC II, and Modular Data Router
  • 64-Bit/33-MHz PCI-to-Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter
  • 64-bit/66-MHz PCI-to-Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter
  • NSR M2402
  • NSR N1200
Note 1:   Requires installed driver CPQ32FS2.SYS

Note 2:   Requires installed driver Adpu160m.SYS

Note 3: Compaq Tape Libraries are unable to perform Standard and Extended Test when the Media Partitioning feature has been selected

Note 4: With Service Pack 6 or later

Note 5: With Service Pack 2 or later

Note 6: Novell NetWare is supported by Tape Storage Management Console V2.0

Note 7: With Support Pack 3 or greater

Product Description

SANworks Tape Storage Management Console (TSMC) is a browser-based management tool that is designed to aid in the installation and maintenance of Compaq tape drives, tape arrays, and tape automation products in both Direct-Attach and SAN Fibre-Attached environments.
TSMC includes multiple diagnostics capabilities, advanced tests, and system management functions designed to be used by both Compaq storage customers and trained service personnel. The latest TSMC versions available include: TSMC v2.3.3 for Microsoft Windows, TSMC v2.0.1 for Novell NetWare and v2.0 for Tru64 UNIX.

Product Features

  • Browser-based GUI with access through either the host server or remote client
  • Compliant with Compaq Insight Manager (CIM), Compaq ELM Server technology, and StorageWorks Command Console (SWCC)
  • TSMC HMMO agent allows for one primary and multiple secondary users to access TSMC simultaneously.  Primary user has access to issue commands to the devices, while secondary users can browse information only.
  • Summary screen listing all Fibre and Direct-Attach devices, as well as the client status
  • Provides specific tests for Tape and Automation devices designed to simplify troubleshooting and required service
  • Advanced functionality allowing users to execute specific commands for tape and automation devices
  • Multiple options for retrieving firmware and application updates for Compaq Tape and Automation devices
  • Provides a single point of access for customers to use both diagnostic and firmware upgrade tools.
  • Provides information log for test status and results at both the application and device level
  • Enhanced capabilities for testing automation functions and managing library media inventory
  • Supports Microsoft Windows NT/2000 and Novell NetWare
  • Supports Compaq SAN topology
  • Distributed through the SANworks Data Protection Suite for Tape Utilities and also available through download via the Compaq.com website

Link to Warranty Information

Click here for additional information regarding worldwide limited warranty and technical support available at: StorageWorks Warranty .

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