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How to Write a Data CD Using NeroExpress

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How to Write a Data CD Using NeroExpress

  1. Launch Nero Express, click All Programs, Nero, Nero OEM, NeroExpress.
  2. This will bring up the Nero Express main window. Click Data, Data Disc.
  3. This brings up the Nero Express "Disc Content" window. To add data to be written to CD, click Add or drag and drop data into the Disc Content window, see Figure 1.
    Figure 1: Disc Content
    NOTE:You might see data from previous writes to the CD show up in window, but 'faded' to represent data already written to the media.
  4. This brings up the "Select Files and Folders" window. Highlight those files and folders you wish to add, and click Add. Hold down the Shift key to select all the files, or hold down the Ctrl key to select individual files, see Figure 2.
    Figure 2: Select Files and Folders window
  5. Click Finished button once all the Files and Folders have been selected.
  6. This will bring back the "Disc Content" window. This window will show how much space write operation will use. Click Next to move on to the next step, or click More for additional options, see Figure 3.
    Figure 3: Data Content
    1 - Total space used
    2 - More button
    3 - Next button
  7. Selecting More will bring a drop down window that will allow some limited control over the files and directories date and time settings. Click Next to continue the burn process after having made the adjustments, see Figure 3.
    NOTE:The new data you have added will show up in dark black. Old data will continue to show up as faded.
  8. This brings up the "Final Burn Settings" window. Some choices have to made here, see Figure 4:
    1. Select the Recording device.
    2. Provide the Disc you are about to create with a name.
    3. Set the Write Speed.
    4. Decide if the CD will be Multisession, enable this feature to allow all data that will be written to this CD, now and later, to be seen. If it's not enabled, only the data last written to the CD will be seen when mounted.
    5. Choosing "Verify data on disc after burning" verifies data was written to CD correctly. Always enable this aspect for critical data that you can not afford to loose. Click More after selections have been made for additional advanced configuration capabilities. Or click Burn to begin the Write operation to the CD.
  9. Selecting "Burn", will go to the final step. Selecting "More" option, will bring a drop down window for more added control of the write method used, see Figure 4.
    Write Method: If you have the option for "Allow files to be added later" enabled, as shown earlier in this docment, will be pre-set to Track-At-Once mode and you will not be able to select any other option.
    Finalize Disc: Selecting this feature will close the disc to any future writting.
    Determine maximum speed: The speed test determines how quickly the compiled files can be accessed. If the access speed is slower than the burning speed, the burning speed is reduced so as to avoid a buffer underrun.
    Simulation: The simulation runs all the steps involved in burning a disc apart from activating the laser, so that you can assume that if the simulation is successful, the burning process will also be successful. And avoid the possibility of wasting media if it were to fail.
    Write: This checkbox enables the actual physical burning process.
    Figure 4: Final Burn Settings window
    1 - Recording device field
    2 - Disc name field
    3 - Write speed field
    4 - Number of copies field
    5 - More button
    6 - Burn button
    7 - Write Method field
    8 - Finalize Disc checkbox
    9 - Determine maximum speed checkbox
    10 - Simulation checkbox
    11 - Write checkbox
  10. Selecting the "Burn" option when there is no recordable media in the recorder at the time, will bring up a window requesting a blank CD- R or CD-RW media to be inserted in the Recorder. Insert a blank disc and Nero Express will detect it and begin burning automatically.
  11. Nero Express then begins the burn process, see Figure 5.
    Figure 5: Burning Process
    1 - Used read buffer
    2 - Process status
    3 - Buffer Level
  12. This brings up the Burning Process window. If any error messages are received during the write and/or the write fails, be sure to Save the Nero log file to the desktop. This file will have critical information about the system, as well as a very detailed description of the write process that was attempted. And it will provide exact error codes that will help the Technical Support team to trouble-shoot the issue. Without this file, we may not be able to properly assist in resolving the issues.
    If the write process was a success. Click Next to continue.
  13. This brings us to the completion of the Audio write process. Here you can choose to Burn the same project again; start a New project; launch the Cover Designer to create a label; Save project;or Exit the Nero Express program, see Figure 7.
    1 - Burn the same project again
    2 - New project
    3 - Cover Designer
    4 - Save project
    5 - Exit button
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