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Applications Must be Reinstalled after System Recovery

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After performing a System Recovery, applications may show in All Programs, but no longer appear in the list in "Add/Remove Programs." When attempting to start the applications either through the desktop icon or from All Programs, error messages appear.
The messages differ from application to application but usually include reference to failing to start or initialize, invalid information, or insure application is properly installed.


Applications add information to the registry during installation. Configuration files, including the registry, are overwritten during a System Recovery. The refreshed registry from the factory image does not include application information for applications added since initial purchase of your notebook PC. These applications will not be able to run until they have been reinstalled, adding the information back to the system registry.
HP recommends backing up your data before running System Recovery. Once your data is safely backed up, restore the image to the original factory shipped state with the recovery CD and reinstall any additional applications.
This includes upgrades or revisions to the factory-shipped version of applications. This may be faster and result in a more stable system than attempting to fix the individual application errors.

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