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"0xFE" Blue Screen Error Message Referring to File usbohci.sys Appears During an Unexpected Shutdown

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The notebook may intermittently display the following Microsoft Windows error or blue screen error:
  • BugCheck FE, {5, 848af0e0, 10330035, 84820180}
  • Probably caused by : usbohci.sys ( usbohci!OHCI_PollAsyncEndpoint+41 )
  • USB Driver bugcheck, first parameter is USB bugcheck code
This error occurs when one of the following devices is connected to the notebook PC:
  • Cardbus EVDO
  • Wireless Broadband or WWAN (Wireless Wide Area Network) cards from these 3rd party vendors:
    • Sierra
    • Kyocera
    • Audiovox
    • Curitel
    • Novatel
  • High speed USB devices
  • High speed PCI devices


To resolve this issue, download and install the latest BIOS update for your notebook PC from the HP Drivers and Downloads page.
CAUTION:If the notebook PC contains a Cardbus card or USB device, please remove the Cardbus card and/or USB device prior to performing the BIOS upgrade.

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