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Updating InterVideo Home Theater

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This document pertains to HP Notebook PCs with Windows Vista.

Updating InterVideo Home Theater

Software updates for InterVideo Home Theater have been created to address known issues. If you are having a problem with the InterVideo Home Theater software, download and install the latest updates. This document helps you identify your current version of the InterVideo Home Theater software and links you to the latest software updates.
The following is a list of known issues that are addressed in the updates:
  • Added prompt before stopping a recording event.
  • Mismatched channel name to channel number.
  • Channel "Not Found" issue.
  • The InterVideo Home Theater window cannot be maximized after it has been minimized.
  • Slow performance when a large number of songs are imported (MP3 Performance Patch).

Updating InterVideo Home Theater

To update Intervideo Home Theater, you need to know what version of InterVideo Home Theater you are using.
  1. To find the version number, click Start, type InterVideo in the search field, select InterVideo Home Theater, and then click Home Theater Config.
  2. On the Home Theater Configuration window, click the Information tab.
  3. Note the product version number and compare it to the version number of a patch on the Intervideo Home Theater website, www.intervideo.com. Patch information will be found under the Support link on the main page of the website.
  4. If the version number for a patch is greater than the version you are currently using, you should download and install the patch. Use the instructions for downloading and installing a patch from the Intervideo Home Theater website.
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