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HP EX470 MediaSmart Server support

Installing the Software on the First Computer

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This document applies to HP MediaSmart Server EX470 and EX475.

Overview of the Installation

Use the Software Installation Disc to install both the HP MediaSmart Server software and the Windows Home Server Connector software.
The software installation consists of the following:
  • HP Update (if not already installed)
  • Windows components—Windows Installer 3.1 and .NET 2.0 or later software. (Installed only if they are not already on the computer)
  • HP MediaSmart Server software
  • Windows Home Server Connector
  • Windows Home Server Setup—the setup runs only on the first computer where the software is installed.

Installing the Software

  1. Check for adminitrative privileges on your home computer.
    You must have administrative privileges on your home computer to install the software. Complete the following instructions for Windows Vista or Windows XP to view or change user account settings.
    • In Windows Vista, click Start, Control Panel, and then User Accounts and Family Safety.
    • In Windows XP, click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click User Accounts.
  2. Insert the Software Installation Disc.
    The Software Installation Disc first installs the HP MediaSmart Server software and then the Microsoft Home Server Connector software on your computer. Follow the instructions on each installation page.
    NOTE:Computers running Windows Vista may display User Account Control messages, such as “A program needs your permission to Continue.” Click Continue.
  3. About the HP MediaSmart Server Software.
    The HP MediaSmart Server software installs first. This software is used to:
    • Provide a single point of access for all of the server’s features,
    • Share photos and videos quickly and securely over the Web using HP Photo Webshare,
    • Centralize your iTunes music library, and more!
    NOTE:Click User’s Guide on this dialog box if you need additional assistance with the installation and setup.Click Next to display and accept the end user license agreement.
  4. Install the HP MediaSmart Server.
    Click Install and follow the instructions on each page.
    The following components are installed if they are not already on your computer. This installation may restart your computer and take several minutes.
    • Windows Installer 3.1
    • Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0
    • HP Update
    The HP MediaSmart Server software automatically installs after the components. Once the HP software is installed, the Windows Home Server Connector install begins.
  5. About the Windows Home Server Connector.
    The Windows Home Server Connector:
    • Connects your computer to the server.
    • Automatically backs up your computer every night.
    • Monitors the health of the network and computers running Windows Vista.
    • Enables configuration of the server from your computer.
    Windows Home Server Setup runs only once—on the first computer where you install the Windows Home Server Connector software.
  6. Finding the Server.
    The Windows Home Server Connector installations looks for and connects to your HP MediaSmart Server.
    Once the server is found, click Next to continue the installation.
  7. Initializing Windows Home Server
    The Windows Home Server initialization begins and can take several hours depending on your hardware. Please wait while Windows Home Server:
    • Configures your hardware
    • Recovers your data
    • Starts Windows Home Server
  8. Name the HP MediaSmart Server.
    Type a name for your server. Server names can be:
    15 characters maximum with no spaces
    Letters (at least one), numbers and hyphens
    NOTE:This is the only time you can name your server. It cannot be changed later. The default name is HPSERVER. Write down the server name if you change it.
  9. Set the Server password.
    On the Windows Home Server password page, you are asked to create a strong password. A strong password must be at least 7 characters long and must fulfill three of the following four requirements:
    Uppercase characters
    Lowercase characters
    Symbols (such as !, @, and #)
    NOTE:A password hint can be seen by anyone who clicks the Password hint button. It is recommended that you write your password down somewhere safe.
    WARNING:The server password is not the same as a user password. For additional information on user accounts and passwords see below.
  10. Help Protect Windows Home Server Automatically.
    Windows Home Server Setup automatically downloads and installs relevant important updates from Windows Update to help make your home server more secure.
    Choose if you want Windows Home Server to continue automatically downloading updates after Setup and click the Next arrow.
    NOTE:It is recommended that you turn on Automatic Windows Updates.
  11. Join the Customer Experience Improvement Program.
    Join the Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) and help make Windows Home Server even better. CEIP collects information about your hardware and home server usage without interrupting you. No information collected is used to identify or contact you. Choose if you want to participate in this program and click the next arrow.
  12. Select a Windows Error Reporting option.
    To help understand the problems you may encounter with Windows Home Server, Windows Error Reporting can automatically report them to Microsoft. Any personal information inadvertently collected in the reports will not be used.
    Choose if you want to participate in this program and click the next arrow.
  13. Check for Windows Home Server Updates.
    The Windows Home Server installation checks for any relevant important updates. This may take some time to complete, but does not require additional information from you.
    WARNING:Do not restart or turn off your home server during the update process.
  14. Check for HP MediaSmart Server Updates.
    The HP MediaSmart Server installation checks for any updates. Installing updates ensures that you experience the full functionality and optimal performance of the HP MediaSmart Server.
    WARNING:Do not restart or turn off your home server during the update process.
  15. Introducing the HP MediaSmart Server Assistant.
    The server installation is complete. When you click OK, the Assistant remains at the bottom of the page to guide you through setting up your HP MediaSmart Server.
    A green check mark appears for each completed step. Once all of the steps are complete, the Assistant link at the top of the page turns green.
HP EX470 MediaSmart Server

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