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HP Pavilion dv3-4140ss Entertainment Notebook PC support

System BIOS Recovery has Occurred

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This document pertains to HP Notebook PCs with the HP Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) beginning in late-2008.
On startup, you may see an error message indicating that the system found and corrected an error in the BIOS.
System BIOS Recovery has occurred.
If the BIOS has been corrupted, a blink code flashes on the LEDs, consisting of two blinks of the Caps Lock or Num Lock lights. There is a pause between the end of the error code and its repetition.
However, you may not even notice the blink codes, because the computer automatically restarts, attempts to reinstall the BIOS, and restarts again. You may only notice an extra-long startup process at first. However, when this process finishes, a System BIOS Recovery has occurred message displays. .
To resolve a BIOS error, you should run the HP Support Assistant (for Vista and Windows 7) to check the computer for the latest BIOS and other issues.
  • Go to the www.hp.com/go/helpandsupport web page to download and install the latest version of HP Support Assistant.
  • Launch HP Support Assistant, select Maintain, select Tune up, and then click Start Tune-up. Complete all recommended actions.
To resolve a BIOS issue, you should install the latest BIOS using one of the methods described in the following documents.
WARNING:You must install a BIOS designed for your specific model and Central Processing Unit (CPU). Attempting to install an incorrect BIOS will damage the computer and may cause the computer to stop operating completely.
You may wish to use a different computer to download the BIOS from the HP web site onto a portable storage device or USB thumb drive, and then copy the file to the computer with the corrupt or missing BIOS application.
You may wish to contact HP Customer Support for assistance in resolving this issue.
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HP Pavilion dv3-4140ss Entertainment Notebook PC

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