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HP ENVY 17-2099el Notebook PC support

Fixing Bluetooth Problems

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For more information about Bluetooth, please see:
Before troubleshooting bluetooth issues, disconnect the device to delete the connection settings, install the latest HP Bluetooth driver from the HP web site, and then pair the devices.If the problem persists, try these actions:
  • Use the device troubleshooter in Windows 7.
  • Read the remainder of this document for information about resolving general Bluetooth problems.
  • Since Bluetooth is part of the Windows operating system, if the specific problem is not covered in this document, go to Microsoft web site at http://www.microsoft.com and search for the specific error message.
  • Be sure the device has at least 50% of its battery charge remaining or that it is connected to AC power. For example, be sure that cell phones have at least 50% charge remaining and that printers are plugged in.

Use the device wizard in Windows 7

If you have downloaded the HP Bluetooth driver and still have problems, the Add a Device wizard can automatically detect your bluetooth device or identify the problem. Make sure that your bluetooth device is turned on and in discovery mode. To learn how to make your bluetooth device discoverable, check the instructions that came with your device.
Run the Add a device wizard by following these steps.
  1. Click Start, enter add in the search field and select Add a device from the list. The wizard searches for devices to add to the computer.
  2. Once your device has been detected, you are able to add the bluetooth device to your computer.
To manually troubleshoot any further problems, read the remainder of this document.

Unable to find a Bluetooth device

If attempts to pair one Bluetooth device with another Bluetooth device are unsuccessful, the problem may be caused by one or more of the following: the power switch for the device is turned off, Bluetooth is disabled on the device, the device is not in the discoverable mode, or the Bluetooth module needs to be reseated.
Many connection and communication problems are caused by accidently selecting the wrong device. If you have multiple Bluetooth devices, it is also a good idea to name your devices to make them easier to identify.
Some devices have a time limit on how long they stay in discoverable mode or how long they wait while the passkey is entered. In these cases, if the device is not discovered or the passkey for paring is not entered within that time period, the connection will fail. For example, some Bluetooth-enabled phones automatically turn the discoverable mode off after one minute.
To resolve this type of problem, be sure that the device is:
  • Bluetooth-capable
  • Using new or fully changed batteries, if applicable
  • Set to discoverable mode, turned on, and enabled. Please note that some Bluetooth phones require you to enable the Bluetooth option.
Turn the Bluetooth device off and let the computer attempt to make a connection.
  • If the computer does not find any devices, but there are devices in the area, the search function on the computer is not working. Be sure the latest Bluetooth software is installed, the wireless power switch is turned on, and the Bluetooth / wireless service is enabled.
  • If the computer finds devices, the search function is working. The problem may be with the Bluetooth device.
  • If the computer will not connect, it may have been dropped or jarred, or the network connection may have been lost. Perform a system restore and then try reseating the Bluetooth module.
    For instructions on how to reseat the Bluetooth module, please see HP Notebook PCs - Steps for Removing and Replacing the Bluetooth Module . Reseating the Bluetooth module is the same as removing and replacing the Bluetooth module, except you are just taking the Bluetooth module that is in the notebook out and then putting it back in, as if you were replacing it.
If the problem persists, please refer to the documentation that came with your device or check the manufacturer's website.

Unable to pair with a Bluetooth device

If the Bluetooth-enabled device is set to discoverable mode and attempts to pair the device with the notebook are unsuccessful, do the following:
  • Verify the devices are within 1 meter of each other and that they are exchanging the correct passkey. Some devices have a default passkey which is set by the manufacturer, while other devices allow you to create a unique passkey.
    If you are not certain that you are using the correct passkey, select the device in the discovery window, delete the connection, and go through the discovery and paring process again.
    If you are certain that you are using the correct passkey, confirm that you are entering the passkey correctly and that the caps lock or num lk keys are not accidentally turned on. Now turn the device off and back on, and then try the connection again. Be sure to enter the passkey in the receiving device within the preset time frame.
  • Verify the device supports the activity that you are attempting to accomplish. For instance, if you need to transfer a large file, but you are trying to connect to your cell phone, the connection may fail.
  • Determine if the passkey has changed as a result of updating the Bluetooth software or drivers.
Please refer to the documentation that came with the device to determine if it has a default passkey and what services or profiles it supports.

Unable to communicate with a Bluetooth device

If the Bluetooth device is paired with the computer and previously worked correctly, but is no longer working, try the following corrective actions.
  • Move the device and the computer within range of the device.
  • Verify the computer is configured to accept incoming Bluetooth connections if you are attempting to use Bluetooth with two computers on your network.
  • Reduce the number of active Bluetooth connections on the computer. Bluetooth does not have enough bandwidth to handle multiple connections at the same time.
  • Delete the connection that is not working, and go through the discovery and paring process again to verify that the devices are exchanging the correct passkeys.
  • On the computer, right-click the device and select Properties to verify the computer is trying to connect to the correct device. You can compare the name and serial number shown in the Add Bluetooth Device Wizard with the name and serial number of the device.
  • Use a Microsoft system restore point that was created prior to the start of the problem with the device. The restore point will only change your computer to the exact state it was in at a prior point in time; it will not resolve the problem with the device.
For more information on services provided by specific devices, please refer to the information on the device manufacturer's web site.

Resolving sync conflicts with a Bluetooth device

Sync conflicts occur when there is a difference; such as time, date, or file size, between two files with the same name. For example, you may have an mp3 file named MyFavoriteSong.mp3 on both your cell phone and your notebook. When you connect the two Bluetooth devices, the computer will recognize the potential syncing conflict. Syncing conflicts only occur when you are trying to sync with another computer or a cell phone.
To sync your cell phone with your notebook open the Sync Center, click Resolve, and then follow the on-screen instructions. You may be asked to decide which of the files to keep and which to replace to ensure that you are keeping the correct file.
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