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HP Mini 311-1100 CTO PC support

Using Microsoft Internet Explorer v 8.0

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Microsoft has released Internet Explorer v 8.0. For more information about the latest features, go to Internet Explorer 8 Readiness Toolkit (in English).

Easier navigation

  • Accelerators allow you to select a word or phrase on a web page, right-click, and choose different options regarding the selected word. For example, you can obtain driving directions when you highlight an address, translate a word, or look up the definition of a word. You can also add custom accelerators from sites such as Amazon, Facebook, and other sites that you often visit.
  • Visual Search suggests relevant search terms as you type words in the search field. In addition to the search terms, you will also see images of the search term you help you more readily identify what you are searching for. Internet Explorer v 8.0 also displays matches from your browsing history at the bottom of the search box drop-down.
  • Web Slices allow you to easily check sites that you visit several times each day. If there is a Web Slice icon on a page that you visit, you can click it to add it to the Favorites bar. When that page updates, the icon on the Favorites bar will be highlighted, no matter what other page you are on. You can click the highlighted icon to get a preview of the site changes. Clicking on the preview will take you to the site.

Faster browsing

  • Tab grouping groups tabs according to relevance. If you open a new tab from an existing one, tab grouping groups those tabs together and gives them a similar color so you can see which tabs are related to each other. You can also close tabs individually or by group, or remove a tab from a group. You can display a list of recently closed tabs to reopen any tabs you want to revisit.
  • Smart Address Bar retains previous sites you have visited, your favorites, and any feeds you may be subscribed to. When you type single words into the search field, suggestions for sites will display for you to review.
  • Suggested Sites uses your browsing history to suggest other sites you may find useful. When you type a search word or phrase in the search field, you will see a list of sites that have been designated as relating to previously viewed sites.

Greater security and performance

  • Your privacy is protected with InPrivate, which allows you to control your personal information as you browse shopping and other secure sites.
  • If you visit a site that is not compatible with Internet Explorer v 8.0 that does not display properly, you can click Compatibility View to better view the site.
  • Automatic Crash Recovery now isolates crashes to individual tabs, rather than the entire application. When a site crashes your browser, only the specific tab is affected. You can continue to browse until Internet Explorer recovers the lost tab.