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HP Printers and Cameras- HP Director and Windows Vista Compatibility

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If you recently upgraded to Windows Vista and cannot access HP Director, review this document for information regarding HP Director and Windows Vista compatibility.

HP Director and Windows Vista compatibility

HP introduced HP Solution Center to replace HP Director in 2004. While HP continues to support HP Director on products used in Windows XP and 2000 operating systems, HP Director is not compatible with Windows Vista.
If you recently upgraded to Windows Vista, you will not be able to use HP Director. However, you can upgrade to HP Solution Center in its place. Follow these steps to download and install the full software solution, which includes HP Solution Center.
  1. Open a new window to browse to the Select Software and Drivers page:
    1. Right-click this link, Select Software and Drivers , and then click Open in New Window.
    2. If prompted, type your product number. You might also need to click it in a list of similar products.
      NOTE:If you are not sure what your product model is, look on the product itself. The model number is usually somewhere on the top or front of the product.
    3. Click your operating system: Windows Vista.
      The Select Software and Drivers page opens.
  2. Under the Driver section, click HP Full Solution Software Driver or HP Full Feature Software and Drivers.
    Figure 1: Example of Full Solution Software option on the HP Software Download page
  3. Thoroughly review the information on the download information page, and then follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the software.
  4. When the download and install is complete, open HP Solution Center in the same way you previously opened HP Director:
    • From the desktop: On your computer's desktop, look for the HP Solution Center icon (), and then double-click it.
    • From the Windows taskbar: Click the Windows icon (), click All Programs, click HP, and then click HP Solution Center.
    For help using HP Solution Center, open the online help that is installed with the software solution: Click the Windows icon (), click All Programs, click HP, click the folder for your product, and then click Help ().

Workaround: Photo editing

Even if you cannot use HP Director or HP Solution Center, you can still download free software to help you edit, organize, print, and share your photos. Click the following link to learn more: HP Photosmart Essential .

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