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HP Pavilion dv6000t CTO Notebook PC support

Power Management (Windows 7)

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This document pertains to HP Notebook PCs with Windows 7.
Power management adjusts the amount of power used according to your performance needs by customizing your power plan. Access the power plan settings by clicking Start, enter power plan in the search field, and then select Choose a power plan when it becomes available in the list.

Power Plans

Windows has standard power plans to help increase notebook PC performance for software and entertainment, or to conserve power if it is unplugged. The default power plans are as follows.
HP RecommendedRecommended for regular usage of your notebook PC.
Power SaverSaves power by reducing performance. Recommended for extending battery life when the computer is not plugged in.
High PerformanceIncreases performance, but drains the battery quickly. Recommended when the notebook is plugged in, and for software and media.
You can also change the settings of a standard plan to your own specifications by clicking Change plan settings.

Create your own power plan

You can create your own plan according to the performance you need from your notebook PC. For example, to use your notebook PC for watching movies, you might create a High Performance power plan named Movies, then switch to that plan when desired. Follow the steps below to create your own power plan.
  1. Click Start, enter power in the search field and select Power Options when it is available in the list.
  2. In the left pane, click Create a power plan.
  3. On the Create a power plan window, select a plan that has features you would like your new power plan to have, enter a name for the new plan in the Plan name box and then click Next.
  4. Select the settings you would like to have while your notebook PC is running On battery and Plugged in and then click Create.

Fix problems using the Power troubleshooter

The Windows Power troubleshooter can by used to automatically adjust your computer's power timeout settings. Adjusting the timeout settings can conserve power and extend battery life.
To run the Power troubleshooter, complete these steps:
  1. Click Start, enter troubleshooting in the search field and then select Troubleshooting from the list when it becomes available.
  2. On the Troubleshoot computer problems window, select Improve power usage under System and Security.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.
A list of changes that were made is displayed. You can close the window or select explore additional options if a problem still exists.
HP Pavilion dv6000t CTO Notebook PC

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