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Compaq Presario CQ5810 Desktop PC support

Recovery Disc Creation Error Codes (Windows 7)

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This document pertains to HP and Compaq Desktop PCs with Windows 7.


The explanations provided by this document will help to identify the reason or the source of the errors that may appear when Using the Downloadable USB Recovery Flash Disk Creation Utility .
NOTE:This section is provided for background information only.


The following codes are used by the Recovery Disc Creation software when it encounters an issue while creating recovery discs.
Error CodeDescription
0xE0EF001EInvalid parameters.
0xE0EF0009Null input string.
0xE0EF0001Open file error.
0xE0EF000AOpen handle error.
0xE0EF0003Function call returns errors.
0xE0EF000DCreating directory failed or a directory does not exist.
0xE0EF002FFile/directory does not exist.
0xE0EF000ECopying file/directory failed.
0xE0EF000FSet/get attributes error.
0xE0EF0006Writing file/string/disk failed.
0xE0EF0002Getting size of a file failed.
0xE0EF0007Getting version info of a module failed.
0xE0EF0005Getting disk or partition info failed.
0xE0EF0011Loading a DLL failed.
0xE0EF000BThe full path of folder exceeds predefined size, or path length is too long.
0xE0EF0010Deleting file/folder failed.
0xE0EF0004System memory is exhausted.
0xE0EF001CRecovery Manager is not initialized.
0xE0EF001BThe command execution has timed out.
0xE0EF002CThe running operation is aborted by clients.
0xE0EF004CGetExitCodeThread returns 0.
0xE0EF0049Wrong code flow/Unexpected code flow.
0xE0EF0008Error occurred when opening or creating or querying the registry key value.
0xE0EF0015Creating or releasing Win32 Kernel Objects (e.g., Event, Thread, Mutex, Semaphore) failed.
0xE0EF0802The files to be burned exceed the disc capacity.
0xE0EF0804Failed to create folder.
0xE0EF0808No burner is found.
0xE0EF0810The size of atomic folder that should be burned is larger than the disc capacity.
0xE0EF0812Failed to register wim message callback function.
0xE0EF0814Error occurred when CDCreator tried to split base.wim.
0xE0EF0815Error occurred when creating a background thread.
0xE0EF0816Failed to get process address by GetProcAddress
Compaq Presario CQ5810 Desktop PC

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