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HP Pavilion dv2988se Entertainment Notebook PC support

Webcam Images May Have Purple Tint

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This document pertains to certain HP Notebook PCs with Windows 7.
When using an HP ENVY 15 notebook PC webcam in low light conditions, images on the webcam may have a purple tint.
The ENVY 15 Series webcams include night vision technology that is designed to operate in normal lighting conditions and optimized to operate in low and zero light conditions.
The webcam night vision feature includes two Infrared (IR) lights located on each side of the webcam and behind the display panel bezel. Low to zero light conditions will cause the webcam IR lights to activate. The IR lights provide illumination for low and zero light conditions and help prevent fuzzy images that are typically associated with operating standard webcams in low and zero light conditions.

Turn off the webcam IR lights

While some degree of purple tint may be present under low light conditions, turning off the webcam IR lights will reduce and in certain cases eliminate the purple tint.
  1. Select Start > All Programs > HP > HP MediaSmart > HP MediaSmart Webcam.
  2. In HP MediaSmart Webcam, select Settings > Display > Advanced Settings, and then click the Camera Control tab.
  3. Select the Low Light Compensation check box, and then click Apply.
  4. Click OK.
NOTE: Disabling the webcam IR lights will cause display images to appear darker in low and zero light conditions. The webcam IR lights are also available on other webcam programs. Refer to the software Help for additional information.
If adjusting the Low Light Compensation settings does not fix the purple tint of the webcam please contact HP for further assistance..