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Finding your network security settings

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Finding your network security settings

To add your printer to a wireless network, you'll need the following network security information:
  • Network name (SSID): This is the name of your network.
  • Wireless password: If you are using security, this is the WEP key or WPA pass phrase.
NOTE:HP cannot set up or change the network SSID, WEP key, or WPA pass phrase. Review the documentation that came with the wireless router, or contact the manufacturer of the router if you need assistance.
Before you begin, ensure that your wireless network is set up and functioning properly. (To set up your network, follow the instructions that came with your wireless router.)
To find your wireless network security settings
  1. Find the IP address of the router in the documentation that came with it.
    NOTE:The IP address of routers is often However, this is not the address for every router, and the IP address can be changed after the router is connected and running. If the IP address is not (or, refer to the router documentation.
  2. In a Web browser (such as Internet Explorer), type the router IP address in the address bar and press Enter.
    For example, type
  3. Type the user name and password for the router page.
    NOTE:The user name and password for the router are created during router setup. If you do not remember changing the username and password, the router may still be using the factory defaults. Consult your router documentation to find the default username and password. If you can't access the router's configuration page, contact the manufacturer of the router for support.
  4. In the router configuration page, make note of the SSID.
    The SSID is the name of the infrastructure network. It is often located on the Wireless area of the router configuration page.
    NOTE:We recommend that you enable or turn on the SSID Broadcast setting in your router. Look for this setting and enable it, if applicable.
  5. Make note of the WEP key or the WPA pass phrase, which are often found on the Security tab of the router configuration page.
    NOTE:If a Security tab is not available, refer to the router documentation. Also, if more than one WEP key is listed, use the first one that is listed. Leave the router page open so that you can find other router information.
For further assistance
Hewlett-Packard provides various support options to help you use your printer or solve a problem.
  • HP Support Web Site: Support and troubleshooting information for your specific product is available and is the best source for current product information. If you need contact information, click Contact HP to view your assisted support options.
    If prompted, choose your country/region. Select the support and troubleshooting option, and then type your product name and number in the field provided.
  • HP Support Forums: Connect with HP users to get insights, tips, and answers to questions about your product.
  • HP Wireless Printing Center: Learn more about wireless printing, troubleshoot wireless problems, and set up and configure your network.
  • Network Diagnostic Utility: If you're having trouble connecting the printer to the network, you can download the HP Network Diagnostic Utility, which can troubleshoot this issue for you automatically.
NOTE:Some support options may not be available for every product, country/region, or language.

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