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What Happened to HP Toolbox in Windows 7?

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Although your HP product essentially functions the same with the in-Operating System (in-OS) driver, you might notice some differences. One difference is that you will not have access to HP Toolbox as before. However, there are workarounds available for the tasks that are typically performed with HP Toolbox.

HP Toolbox workarounds

Use the following HP Toolbox workarounds when you install the product using the driver in Windows 7.
HP Toolbox
Printing a self-test pageFor products with buttons on the control panel (the front of the printer), you can print a self-test page using those buttons.
Cleaning the cartridges or printheadsNone
Checking estimated ink levels
  • Print a self-test page through the buttons on the control panel
  • View the ink level indicators on the control panel, if there are any
Aligning the cartridgesNone
HP Officejet K7100 Printer

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