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HP Officejet Pro 8600 e-All-in-One Printer - N911a support

Replacing Cartridges

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This document contains steps for replacing the cartridges in your HP product.
To purchase cartridges or check cartridge compatibility for your printer, go to HP Home & Home Office Store (US only), and then click Ink Toner & Paper .
If you are located outside of the US, follow these steps to purchase cartridges using HP SureSupply.
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page and make sure that the country or region location is correct.

Replacing cartridges

Follow these steps to replace one or more cartridges in the HP product.

Video of replacing a cartridge

The following video demonstrates how to replace cartridges.
If you have trouble viewing the video or to view the video in a different size, click here to play the video on YouTube .
  1. Press the Power button to turn on the printer, if it is not already on.
  2. Slip your fingers into the slot on the left side of the printer, and then pull forward to open the cartridge access door. The carriage moves to the left side of the printer. Wait until the carriage is idle and silent before you proceed.
    Figure 1: Open the cartridge access door
    Image: Open the cartridge access door
    1 - Slot for opening the cartridge access door
  3. Push in on the front of the cartridge to release it, and then pull it toward you to remove it from its slot.
    Figure 2: Remove the cartridge from its slot
    Image: Remove the cartridge from its slot.
  4. Remove the new cartridge from its packaging.
  5. Hold the cartridge so that the cartridge contacts are facing toward the printer.
  6. Slide the new cartridge into its slot, and then gently push it forward until it clicks into place.
    NOTE:Make sure that the colored dot on the cartridge label matches the colored dot on the slot.
    Figure 3: Insert the cartridge into its color-coded slot
    Image: Insert the cartridge into its color-coded slot.
    CAUTION:Do not lift the latch handle on the carriage to insert cartridges. Doing so could cause the printhead or cartridges to be incorrectly seated, which could damage the print mechanism and cause printing problems.
  7. Repeat these steps for other cartridges, if necessary.
  8. Close the cartridge access door.
  9. Wait until the warm-up sequence finishes and your printer is quiet before you proceed.