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HP Wi-Fi Direct (Black) Mobile Mouse support

Use and Troubleshoot HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse

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The HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse is a wireless pointing device that connects to the Wi-Fi card without the need for an external wireless adapter or dongle inserted into a USB port.

Setting up and using the HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse

The HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse requires the use of a product-specific installation DVD. To set up the wireless mouse, insert the DVD into the optical drive and follow the on-screen instructions.
The required drivers and software are installed on the hard drive. The Pairing Wizard should start automatically. When prompted, pull or remove the battery tab from the mouse, and select OK to start the Pairing Wizard. After removing the battery safety tab or launching the wizard, you have up to 10 minutes to complete the pairing. The wizard can be launched at a later time as described below.
The HP Mouse Control Center interface offers information and allows you to customize each function of your mouse.
  1. Click Discover to access the User Guide, Online Support, Product Registration, and the HP Home and Home Office Store.
  2. Click Configure to access the Mouse Settings.
  3. Click Enjoy to find offers from HP.

Configuring the HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse

On the Configuration panel, use the drop-down menu to select the specific mouse, and click Pairing Wizard to pair the mouse with the computer.
Figure 1: HP Mouse Control Center
HP Mouse Control Center with Pairing Wizard selected
Click the tabs at the top of the pane to configure the buttons, wheel, and mouse settings. Click Apply to save the changes, or OK to save the changes and exit the program, or Cancel to exit without saving the changes.
To launch the Pairing Wizard, select Pairing Wizard.
  1. To pair (connect) the mouse with the computer for the first time, install the software included with your mouse. At the end of the installation process, a wizard will lead you through the steps to pair the mouse with the computer.
  2. To pair (connect) the mouse after the initial software installation:
    • If you have already installed the mouse software, launch the HP Mouse Control Center software from the desktop shortcut.
    • Click the Configure icon, and then click the Pairing Wizard button.
    • Move the power switch on the bottom of the mouse to the ON position.
    • Press and release the Connect button on the bottom of the mouse.
    • Follow the steps in the pairing wizard.
  1. Verify the use of Windows 7 operating system.
    The computer must be running the Windows 7 operating system in order to communicate with the HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse. Additionally, the Wi-Fi adapter must be Windows 7 certified.
  2. The mouse is not detected by the pairing wizard.
    Make sure the Wi-Fi adapter is turned on. Most computers have a switch or button that turns the Wi-Fi function off/on. If you can detect wireless networks in the area, the Wi-Fi adapter is turned on.
  3. The wizard displays more than one mouse.
    Identify your specific mouse from the Mouse ID which is found on the bottom of the mouse.
  4. The mouse is not detected by the pairing wizard.
    Before pairing the mouse to the computer, make sure the Wi-Fi is turned on. Many computers have a switch or button that turns the Wi-Fi function off/on.
  5. The mouse pointer is not moving.
    • Ensure that all setup procedures have been followed correctly. If the software has already been installed, uninstall it, reboot your computer, and then re-install.
    • Clean the mouse lens with a cotton swab. Do not use any other materials or solvents to clean the mouse lens as this may result in damage to the lens.
    • Because this is an optical device, it is important to use it on an appropriate surface. If the surface you are using your mouse on is highly reflective, the surface may be the source of the problem. Use a mouse pad or change to a more neutral-colored surface.
  6. The Mouse cannot pair, or drops the pairing intermittently.
    Since the computer communicates wirelessly with the mouse and several other devices at the same time, use Windows Update utility or check the manufacturer's Web site of the Wi-Fi device, to make sure that you have the latest drivers.
If you are still experiencing issues with the HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse, contact HP Support.

Troubleshooting the HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse

The typical issues that occur are limited to driver issues or issues with pairing the mouse to the computer.
Basic troubleshooting procedures include the following:
  1. Make sure that the computer is running Windows 7. The Wi-Fi mouse requires the “SoftAP” feature built into Windows 7 to work, so older versions of Windows (XP, Vista, etc) are not supported.
  2. Make sure that the wireless adapter is Windows 7 certified. Even if you have upgraded to the Windows 7 OS, some older Wi-Fi adapters sold before Windows 7, may not properly support the “SoftAP” function in Windows 7. If the Wi-Fi adapter is not certified for use in Windows 7, it may not properly support SoftAP, which can then cause problems when pairing with the HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse.
  3. Use the Wi-Fi Mouse software installation disc. The generic Windows drivers may not support the specific combination of the wireless adapter and the wireless mouse. To communicate over a 802.11 wireless network, the computer and mouse must be “paired” together. If the power to the mouse is interrupted, it may be necessary to pair the mouse after the software installation, by clicking the “Pairing Wizard” button on the mouse control center (click “Configure” on the first control center screen).
  4. Verify that the computer’s wireless adapter drivers are up to date. Even though the drivers may work for wireless network access, it may need an updated driver to work correctly with SoftAP.
You should use the HP Support Assistant to periodically check for and install the latest drivers.
  1. All computers sold with Windows 7 have a Help system that includes the HP Support Assistant. Launch that application, and click the Maintainbutton.
  2. Click the Refresh button to have the application check for the latest updates, and if found, you can directly install the updated drivers from the HP Support Assistant.
If the computer has been upgraded to Windows 7, or if the HP Support Assistant has been uninstalled, you must manually locate and install the latest drivers.
  • For HP drivers from the HP Web site:
    • Click www.hp.com , select Support & Drivers, and then select Drivers & Software.
    • Type in the model number of your computer, and look under the Network category to see if any updated Wi-Fi adapter drivers are listed.
  • For non-HP drivers on another Web site:
After updating the drivers, restart the Pairing Wizard to establish communication between the mouse and the computer.
HP Wi-Fi Direct (Black) Mobile Mouse

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