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The HP Printer Fails to Install or Function on a Network with ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 10.2.047

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The HP printer fails to install or function over a network with ZoneAlarm Free Firewall running. An error message might display on the computer or the printer indicating that there is a problem with the setup, connection, communication, or other product function.


Follow these steps to change your network profile to 'Trusted' in the ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 10.2.047 software.
  1. Click the ZoneAlarm Free Firewall icon in the task bar or the shortcut on the Desktop.
  2. In the Firewall area, click View Details .
  3. Click View Zones .
  4. Click the network to which you intend to connect, or have already connected your HP printer.
  5. Click Edit .
  6. Click the Zone drop-down menu, and then click Trusted .
  7. Click OK . The Firewall Settings window opens again, indicating your network is Trusted .
  8. Click OK . The HP printer is now functional over the network connection.
Try the HP Print and Scan Doctor to help identify and fix common problems when installing or using HP printers on your home network.

Step one: Download the automated tool

Follow these steps to download and install the HP Print and Scan Doctor on your computer.
NOTE:The HP Print and Scan Doctor might not be available for all HP printers, particularly older products. It is available for most products, however, and in most languages.This tool is available only for Windows operating systems. The tool is not available for Mac OS operating systems.
  1. Click the following link to download the HP Print and Scan Doctor.
    Link to toolFile size
    HP Print and Scan Doctor 3.5 MB
  2. Make sure your computer meets the system requirements, and then click Download .
  3. When the Security Warning dialog box opens, choose one of the following methods to download the utility.
      1. In the Security Warning dialog box, click Run .
      2. When the Download Complete dialog box opens, click Run , and then click Run again on the Security Warning dialog box.
      1. In the Security Warning dialog box, click Save .
      2. When the Save As window opens, browse to your Desktop, and then click Save .
      3. When the download is complete, browse to where you saved the file, and then double-click the file to run the utility.
  4. The Print and Scan Doctor opens, searches for installed printers, and then displays the list.
    Figure 1: Example list of HP printers found by the tool
    Image: Example list of HP printers found by the tool

Step two: Run the automated tool

IMPORTANT : The HP Print and Scan Doctor helps resolve many of the most common printer networking issues. Please note, however, that this is a troubleshooting tool only and is not designed to resolve all networking issues.
  1. Press the Power button ( ) to turn on the printer, if it is not already on.
  2. From the Product column in the Print and Scan Doctor, select your printer, and then click Next .
      If your printer is not in the list, turn it off and back on, and then click Retry . If your printer is still not in the list, click Connect .
  3. The Print and Scan Doctor checks the printer's network connection.
    • If the tool finds your printer and it is connected, you can select Fix Printing or Fix Scanning to resolve any other issues.
    • If the tool cannot find your printer or says that it is disconnected, continue to the next step.
  4. When prompted, select the method that you want to use to connect your printer to the network.
    The tool provides helpful information you might need to set up your networked printer, including network security information and the computer's current network information.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to troubleshoot any network issues and connect your printer to the network.

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